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An Easy Cheese Knife Guide For Beginners  

You might wonder how are the different shapes of cheese formed. How are chef’s able to give cheese such beautiful shapes and how skilled do they are to master this art. However, the credit always remains due to the knives which are used in this process. Knives play the core role in giving food the desired shape. 

One of the most popular knives is the Laguiole knife. Deriving its name from the place of origin, Laguiole knives are originally manufactured Laguiole, which is a small village in France. However, due to its long-term use, the name came to fall into the public domain and today, everyone uses this name. 

However, even though the Laguiole knives are available at multiple places, only a few of them are of good quality. If you believe in quality and prefer to buy a good quality knife, then the best place for you to purchase LAGUIOLE French knives is Le fidèle. They have the best team in the market to produce a Laguiole knife. 

Their team of expert craftsmen use the old-age traditional process of 1928 to make the knives by hand. They never compromise on the quality of the knives and this is why so many customers believe in their services. their knife blade is made of stainless steel, their bolsters are composed of brass and their handles are of best-in-class raw material. 

Choosing the right cheese knife 

In this section of the article, we will decide on how to choose the right cheese knife.

1. Cheese knife for soft cheese

Since the soft cheese tends to stick on the knife and its structure may collapse when cut roughly, those knives which are straight and slender are used in cutting such cheese. Not having such a knife will not disable you from achieving the goal.

All that you are required to do is to dip a knife in hot water, wipe it and then cut the cheese.

2.  Cheese knives for slicing

Cheese planes as they are called are sued for shaving even-sized slices or semi-hard to hard cheese. 

3. Cleavers for hard cheese

Cleavers or spades are the best tools for slicing and cutting through the hard cheese. 

4. Cheese forks

cheese forks are used to hold the rest of the cheese while cutting a part of it. it adds stability to the cheese and allows you to cut the cheese in a more even fashion. 

5.  Serving cheese

when you are serving the cheese to the guests or at dinner, be sure that you provide a separate knife for serving the cheese. Each cheese must have its knife and each of the diners must be encouraged not to mix their knives so as to avoid mixing the flavours of the different kinds of cheese which will be served. 


Cheese comes in a huge variety and so do the knives which are used to cut the cheese and give it the desired shape for you to enjoy. All you need to know is what kind of knife is ideal for what kind of cheese. 

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