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AMZSCALE Upgrade Their Service Offerings to Reach More Clients


AMZSCALE Co-Founder and CEO Maurice Glißmann. 

The team at AMZSCALE seems relentless in helping as many businesses as well as entrepreneurs across the globe to harness the features and benefits of eCommerce, as the Amazon FBA company continues to upgrade their offerings to clients. Led by the passionate and experienced online entrepreneur, Maurice Glißmann, AMZSCALE has grown to become a leading name in the eCommerce industry, with over 600 products and more than 250 clients. 

The potential of e-commerce has long since ceased to be a secret; after all, global online commerce has been in the double-digit percentage annual growth range for years now. The Corona pandemic has driven this trend even further since 2020.” – Maurice Glißmann. “With our services we serve on the one hand investors who want to profit from the eCommerce boom and on the other hand already successful brands who want to grow even faster and more efficiently through our platform services.

eCommerce has increased in popularity over the years, as more businesses go online to improve their online presence to reach more customers and scale. A recent Statista report revealed that global retail e-commerce sales amounted to approximately $4.9 trillion in 2021. The report also projected the market size to hit $7.4 trillion dollars by 2025, driven by increasing mobile accessibility. Despite the amazing figures from the industry, a good number of businesses still struggle to make headway, which is where AMZSCALE has been particularly helpful since 2016.

AMZSCALE has been able to motivate thousands of people in different parts of the world to embrace the path to financial freedom through online retailing. The company adopts an all-inclusive approach to help investors build successful Amazon brands, taking over the entire process, especially with their bestselling Done4You service. AMZSCALE has a team of highly experienced and well-trained professionals to develop a unique brand idea and find the right supplier based on the client’s goal. It also handles brand optimisation and international brand scaling to help brands grow with very little effort or having to break the bank.

The comprehensiveness and quality of the solutions offered by AMZSCALE have endeared the company to thousands of clients across industries. It also recently got a double-digit investment from Elevat3 Capital, further reiterating its position in the market. AMZSCALE will use the capital raised in the funding round to develop and expand its sales infrastructure as well as promote its internationalization plans as well as financing the goods for its customers.

I chose AMZSCALE’s “Done4You” service because I firmly believe that I can build my own strong brand here on Amazon that generates predictable monthly sales. Daniel, Maurice and their team have the necessary know how and years of experience. I instantly loved the product idea they developed for me and want to particularly highlight the incredible depth and breadth of research and extremely professional partnership with the AMZSCALE team. I wholeheartedly recommend the “Done4You” service to everyone.” – Christian L.

For further information about AMZSCALE and the innovative solutions offered, visit – AMZSCALE can also be found across social media, including Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


AMZSCALE was founded in 2016 by Maurice Glissmann and Daniel Vogler, successful serial entrepreneurs from Germany, with the goal of opening up the eCommerce space for as many brands as possible worldwide. The company has done tremendously well in helping thousands of clients realize their dream of a location independent Amazon FBA business. AMZSCALE launched AMZ ACADEMY and the LET’S TALK FREEDOM Podcast in 2016 to inspire people to pursue a life of financial independence and meaning. It went ahead to introduce the Done4You service in 2019 for investors and entrepreneurs who want to venture into eCommerce but do not have the requisite experience. 

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