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Amrit Bhatia–Creating a High Quality Products

Amrit Bhatia is a program management specialist with over 18 years of Information Technology (IT) and Business Management experience in both the public and private sectors. Currently, Bhatia works for Amazon Web Services (AWS), which she considers to be a wonderful company that is creating a valuable impact globally. In the past, Amrit has worked for companies like HERE Technologies and WW.Grainger, Genpact-GE, and IBM. Throughout her almost two decades of experience in the industry, Bhatia has worked within several big named companies in Healthcare, aviation, Maps, Cloud services, and manufacturing. She played a critical role in these companies managing customers and their multiple different programs and processes.

What is program management, and why is it important for businesses, according to Amrit? 

Program management is the art and science of planning, organizing, and managing resources in order to achieve specific goals. It is an essential part of any business venture or project, as it helps to ensure that the program is completed on time and within budget. 

According to Bhatia, program management also involves coordinating tasks, managing resources, and monitoring progress for multiple projects within the program. The goal of program management is to create a plan that effectively organizes resources and ensures that all goals are met. This includes identifying risks and taking steps to mitigate them, setting deadlines, and tracking progress. With the right program management practices in place, businesses can find success in any venture.

What is Amrit Bhatia’s approach to program management?

Amrit Bhatia takes a human approach to a very technological task, making her unique in her career. She has incredible creative and innovative thinking and the use of emotional intelligence, which has been able to help any programs that she works on finding success. One of her most useful strengths is her ability to help businesses to grow by prioritizing the right goals and aligning them with the most achievable strategic goals. She believes in holding the hand of everybody that she works with and creating a success story togather. She keeps the people and the staff who built the great products that the company offers in mind and believes that without those employees, their success would not be possible.

What makes Amrit Bhatia unique in her field? 

Leading as a liaison between the Business and IT sectors, Amrit Bhatia has been able to confidently express her ability to build a high-quality product. Each program that she is brought on to is a new opportunity for her to showcase her expertise and skills in the industries that she works within. People who have worked with Amrit in the past have expressed their successes while having her on their team. She has the skills and knowledge to juggle several roles in each team that she is a part of. As she continued to deliver on successful programs, her span of influence and leadership responsibility also increased. She worked closely with multiple product and development teams to ensure complete alignment and that all strategic and customer commitments were being met. 

Much of the team’s success was a direct result of Amrit’s attention to detail, ability to build trust across teams, and commitment to making sure that anything she owned was a complete success. Bhatia keeps high standards for herself and the teams she works with and is not intimidated by a challenge.

What is Amrit Bhatia’s approach to building high-quality products?

Amrit Bhatia believes that creating high-quality products using unique program management is always in her priority bucket. She leads as a liaison between the Business and IT sectors, building high-quality products by confidently expressing her ability to build them. Each program that she is brought on to is a new opportunity for her to showcase her expertise and skills in the industries that she works within. She uses her in-depth knowledge and innovative thinking skills to create products of the highest quality.

How does Amrit Bhatia create new ideas and foster creativity in her industry? 

Amrit leverages hackathons and strategic planning events to help create business savvy and new ideas in the tech enterprise. Amrit describes hackathons as a great way to foster creativity and generate new ideas by bringing together cross-functional teams to collaborate and innovate.

For more information about Amrit Bhatia, visit her LinkedIn and website

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