Amne Suedi – Bringing Prosperity In Her Country Through The Power Of Investments

Amne Suedi

Amne Suedi is uplifting the current status and economy of Africa through her advisory firm, The Shikana Group.

Investments are not only beneficial for investors and the companies, but it is also an indispensable tool for the development of a country. When a country is going through a slump and has depleting economic resources, it is best to attract foreign capital to revive its regality.

Amne had witnessed the world smirk about the unfortunate circumstances of Africa for too long. She believed that it is time to take action, and end poverty through the lucrative means of investments. She aims to attract foreign investment in the fruitful ventures of Africa, and uplift the economy by the creation of jobs and opportunities. Hence, she launched her one-stop boutique advisory firm that specializes in investments in East Africa and guides foreign investors from all over the world. While preparing for investments in some business opportunities and technology education space, she is also ready to launch her ventures to boost the economy. Her new jewelry and gemstone business ‘Zambarau’ will be launched shortly. This will bring the world of glitz and blitz to people who like to connect with the beauty of nature.

An Initiative To Build A Strong Economy

When she was in Switzerland, Amne saw how people pitied Africa. They deemed it as a place with no future or hope and brimming with poverty and illness. However, in the eyes of the citizens of Africa, it is a powerful country with immense potential to become an emerging economy of the world. Her entrepreneurial skills are impeccable with her diversified portfolio of being a lawyer and investment adviser in Africa, adding a more astute stance to her goals.

The countries of the world believe in helping the struggling economies. Amne believes that aid does little or no help in the development and transformation. If you want real transformation, you will have to promote investments and provide employment to the people. So, Amne decided to come back to her roots, and narrate the story of investment, wealth, and bring forth the real solution to the problems of poverty and desolation.

The Objective Of Her Firm

Amne’s firm is working on the ground in Africa to glorify the various alternatives available to the people. Africa has a lot of untapped development alternatives that can be harnessed to create numerous jobs and investment options for the people of Africa and the world.

Once the citizens that reside here are aware of their dormant skills and start using them, it will attract foreign investment from all over the world. People would no longer need to depend on aid, and finally, the country will thrive just like the other dominating powers of the world.

The Best Part Of The Job

The best part of Amne’s job is helping people. She finds solace in bringing smiles to the face of people and providing them with a direction to make their life more comfortable. She loves creating jobs and making a real difference in the world.

One can bring development if all the forces combine together and work with enthusiasm to bring the shower of success for their country. Amne believes that one day Africa’s condition will change for good and the people will be singing the praises for how the population worked in harmony to make their country proud. To know more about the Shikana group and their future investment, visit her website here.

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