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America’s Most Trusted Private Investment Lender BridgeWell Capital LLC

BridgeWell Capital LLC

Private Money Lending and Borrowing has become quite popular in the real estate investment market over the years due to it’s flexible nature and enhanced benefits. However, finding a lender you can trust and get direct information from can sometimes be a challenge. This is when BridgeWell Capital LLC becomes your best choice. BridgeWell Capital is the company to work with when you need a real estate loan fro a trusted source or help to make a decision on real estate finances.

Why Should You Work With BridgeWell Capital?

In most cases doing business with BridgeWell Capital will result in faster turnaround times to get your funds, again, because you are working directly with the lender instead of waiting for multiple companies to make a decision and move the money before it gets to you.

Working directly with the lender also has some additional advantages, they take the investment opportunity into account along with the person asking for the loan, so at BridgeWell Capital you will be more than a credit score and the source of your income doesn’t have to come with a W-2.

When you walk in and speak with a representative at BridgeWell Capital you will get a fair and honest estimate of all the fees, charges, and amounts that will actually be due with your finalized loan at closing, nothing will be hidden or a surprise to you. They do this as a service to the people they loan money to, and it helps to build trust that what you see is what you’re going to get.

BridgeWell Capital does not offer loans for anything except commercial non-owner occupied investment properties, this is good to know upfront so that you don’t make any plans to use the property you are borrowing for as your home.

BridgeWell Capital understands how investment properties work and how to know if the properties that they are lending for are going to be good returns on investment, they have a proven strategy for making decisions on the future of the property and will only lend on the ones they feel will be profitable enough to pay the loan back. This helps the companies they lend to make good decisions and it has proven to work in the past, as BridgeWell Capital has funded over $500 Million to successful Real Estate Investment companies. With over 15 years in the business, they know what they are doing and you can be confident in their advice and even work with a Pro Investment Coach on their team. If you’re looking for the lowest investment loan rates you will find them with BridgeWell Capital, they have a guarantee that you will find the best rate in the nation when you work with them.


BridgeWell Capital LLC has offices in almost every state in the United States, there are only twelve states that they don’t offer lending in. If you are looking into any kind of residential property for a single-family or commercial residential property they are the company to work with. BridgeWell Capital LLC is a direct lending company. Therefore, they are the company that you will be getting the funds from, instead of having higher fees and additional charges when you work with a third party that sets up the lending relationship for you with the company putting out the money.

They offer a variety of loan types to fit the needs of different investment property needs including:

  • Rental – they have multiple loan options to fit the specific type of rental property you have, depending on the size and what type of work will need to be done in order to start using the property for income
  • Fix-To-Flip – If you have a lot of work to do on a property that you don’t intend to keep this is the loan you would choose
  • Fix-To-Rent – You need to do work on the property before you can start renting it to make income from
  • Cash-Out Refinance – You can refinance a property in order to get funds to invest in other properties
  • Multi-Family – Get the funds you need for a multi-family property of at least five units
  • Commercial – Updating and improving your commercial property is possible when you work with BridgeWell Capital

Not only does BridgeWell Capital lend money to those looking to invest in real estate, but they also have various services that add to the value they offer and help those they choose to work with make better decisions so that they can continue to have an investment property business for years to come.

More Reasons to Use BridgeWell Capital for your Investment Property Lending:

  • Inventory – they work with a large network of various real estate professionals to get updates on new investment properties that are coming to the market and worthy of the loans they offer.
  • Coaching – they have a team of representatives that offer complimentary coaching to help you understand your options, how to see the potential in a property, and develop a plan that will have your best interest in mind for the investment you are choosing.
  • Webinars – they offer additional training frequently on topics that are important to understand and updates in the industry for investment property and how to go about getting the funding needed to continue in the industry.

At BridgeWell Capital They Invest in the Businesses Coming to Them

Most lenders don’t care much about the people behind the businesses that need their services, and it is obvious from the services that BridgeWell Capital offers in addition to lending that they want to see success in those businesses. This is a responsible example of knowing how to nurture an investment to get the greatest return on that investment. By teaching and mentoring the people coming in to borrow money from them, they are nurturing the investments they are making to hopefully see even bigger investments in the future.

If you take the information they teach you and mentor you through and apply it to the investment properties you’re purchasing and working on you will be able to come back time and time again and grow your business, which in turn grows their business and allows them to help more people like you. BridgeWell Capital is a smart decision if you’re looking to make moves in the investment property real estate world.

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