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American Virtual Numbers: Essential Moments

It’s easy to organize communication in the office through analog and IP telephony. Analog telephony is cheaper in terms of equipment but more expensive in terms of tariffs (especially if you often call regions or other countries). IP telephony does not require drilling walls and laying wires as it reduces the cost of long-distance and international calls. It makes it possible to connect a hotline, statistics, call recording, and forwarding. 

How to organize telephony in the office: 3 solutions

1. The classic analog way is when each subscriber has an individual number.

Suitable for: for companies that need 1-2 lines, for small businesses, small shops, and offices where there are few incoming and outgoing calls.

2. Multi-channel analog mini-PBX will distribute lines to internal numbers of subscribers.

Many employees will use one number here, and the number of simultaneous incoming/outgoing calls will not be more than the lines set. Suitable for: companies where intra-corporate calls are a priority, additional functions are not needed, and there are not a large number of calls from counterparties or customers. It is tied to the location, so you will have to change numbers when you move.

3. IP telephony is a telephony scheme in the office, in which an IP PBX is installed and all calls go through the Internet. 

The American toll free numbers can be multi-channel, while a large number of external and internal lines are allowed.

Suitable for: large companies and call centers, where there are many incoming and outgoing calls, including those from other countries and regions, as well as internal corporate calls. You can implement intra-office wireless communication and call center, easily change settings, and enable additional functions with its help. It is not tied to geolocation, so you can move without changing numbers.

The first step to the organization of communication

Write down on a sheet or in an electronic file in any convenient format the following information:

  • The number and types of devices that you will connect. Do you have landline phones and want to connect them? Will you receive calls from mobiles, computers, or tablets? Are you planning to purchase IP phones? Specify this information and the number of devices.
  • The number of external and internal lines. External numbers are received from the provider to call customers, counterparties, partners, and internal ones are extensions for employees to call each other. The choice of VoIP gateway depends on the quantity of numbers that you need to connect – see how many ports there are for external and internal lines.
  • Do you need a PBX or will you be connecting to a virtual PBX? Your own PBX is a good choice when you are ready to administer the network by yourself. The provider is responsible for all debugging in a virtual PBX.
  • Budget. Choose a provider and tariffs based on it.
  • Goals and plans by phone. If expansion is planned and flexibility of settings is required, then it is better to give preference to digital IP telephony, rather than analog. Analog can also be reconfigured but it is more expensive, longer, and more troublesome.

Contact your provider with these terms of reference. Freezvon Company will do its best to fulfill the desires and offer the most profitable cooperation conditions. Remember that the connection to a virtual PBX does not require a server, only a router, and a gateway. All settings will be carried out in a personal account on a computer. The support service of your provider will help you in case of problems.

Types of numbers

The toll free number allows customers to make free calls from anywhere in the USA from landlines or mobile phones. A full-fledged organization of IP telephony in the office with all the features of a virtual PBX is available. This number can be connected to multi-channel mode, voice menu, call recording and analytics, and much more.

You can choose lots of numbers with regional codes. Such numbers are suitable for both permanent business and temporary promotions. The company can choose exactly the number that belongs to the strategically important region for it. Calls to the number can be forwarded to an internal communication phone – for example, to the support service, logistics, or accounting department. It’s also easy to get ordinary city numbers but with original combinations. Beautiful numbers work great for memorability, reliability, and status of the enterprise.

There are dozens of companies that use a VN to have a local presence without a physical office. It’s also very convenient for those who do not always have time to answer the call. You can forward your calls to a VN  when you find yourself not answering or avoiding incoming calls. They can be answered for you by an authorized telephone service and by an assistant or secretary.

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