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American Dream was More than a Dream for Romanian Immigrant, Izabela Hamilton, Founder & CEO of Rankbell

Izabela Hamilton, Founder & CEO of Rankbell

San Diego, CA: Dreams Really Do Come True: An Immigrant’s Success Story. Achieving the American Dream was More than a Dream for one Romanian Immigrant, Izabela Hamilton, Founder and CEO of Rankbell.

Standing outside a Romanian bakery in the freezing cold for hours to only receive a ration of food was not what Izabela Hamilton wanted out of life. Her father told her there was a ‘magical‘ place where food is abundant, warmth is available to all, and anyone can become ‘someone’ if they want it badly enough. Hamilton was determined to make that place her reality, and the day her Visa was approved and she could come to America, was one of the happiest days of her life!

“Before turning 21, I made the decision that I would live in America and nothing could stop me,” said Hamilton, “Funny thing about wishes – when you make them, they come true! I felt like my life would completely change in America, and it did. Was it easy? Far from it!”

Hamilton worked 60+ hours per week for minimal wages – all the while sending money home to support her family. Of this experience, she says, “All I thought of every day was being with them again. I didn’t care how much I had to work as long as they were happy. I didn’t want them to ever hurt for money again. I knew I couldn’t give up at the first sign of hardship. I was set up to succeed and that’s all I saw.”

From this determination to become someone, Rankbell – a boutique Amazon concierge specializing in helping sellers grow their businesses – was born. Starting with a laptop and a dream to one day help one million sellers reach the same goal she had — financial freedom – Hamilton worked sometimes for only $50 per job, but she knew she was working toward building something bigger.

Rankbell has now expanded to include a team of passionate individuals – all united in the goal of helping others on their journey to success. Voted as the leading experts in their industry, Rankbell has already helped thousands of sellers – some of whom started with profits as low as $100 per month – grow their businesses into 7, 8, and sometimes even 9 figures, and is on track to achieve their mission of helping one million Amazon sellers grow their businesses by the year 2030.

Established in 2015, the ranking service helps Amazon sellers increase rankings, boost sales, and maximize profits. Some of their services include assisting with product launches, PPC management, listing optimization, social media, and more. For more information on Rankbell services and how they intend to reach their ‘one million served’ goal, reach out to

About Rankbell: Rankbell is an Amazon concierge focused on helping small businesses reach financial freedom – no matter how big the goal! Our services include listing optimization, images, and video, PPC management, social media, content marketing, and press releases, and ranking services. Founded in 2015, we are on a mission to help 1 million customers achieve success by the year 2030. Will you be one of them?

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