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Amazing Ways to Wear a Haori Jacket

Haori Jacket

Haori jackets are luxurious attires. They have been rocked in Japan for ages. It’s rich in history, so they are still very relevant today. Before now, a Haori jacket is always blended with a Hakata or kimono. These styles make excellent contemporary style statements.

Today, more people, apart from the Japanese, have been craving to wear this attractive jacket. You will see more youths across the world pair a haori jacket with a shirt and jeans; it looks very cool!

Would you like to add a touch of glamour to your outfits via the Haori jacket? This guide offers various ways to blend a Haori jacket with other clothing for a perfectly stylish look. Read on.

Rocking Haori in Different Styles

Today, Haori jackets are a great choice among many fashionistas. It’s becoming more trendy for a reason; it goes smoothly on almost other clothing. You can combine this jacket with literally any outfit and still look stylish. Below are some fashion ideas for you.

T-shirt and jeans

This is an easy way to rock your Haori jacket. Simply pair it with a T-shirt and jeans. This look is perfect for a casual day out, and the Haori jacket adds an interesting layer to the outfit. Go for a Haori jacket with a bold print or nice texture to make an interesting statement.

Over a dress

A Haori jacket can also be worn over a dress to create a layered look. This option is great for cooler weather or when you need to add some extra coverage to your sleeveless dress. Select a Haori jacket that complements the color and style of your dress.

Leggings and a tank top

For a more relaxed look, wear your Haori jacket with leggings and a tank top. It’s comfortable and great for running errands or whenever you need to hang out with friends. Choose a Haori jacket with a subtle print or solid color to keep the focus on the leggings and tank top.

Blend with a skirt

Choose a Haori jacket that complements the color and style of the skirt. Also, go for a simple top to balance out the look. Blend a Haori jacket with a skirt, and you will have a nice feminine outfit.

With shorts

Haori jackets can also be worn with shorts for a playful and trendy outfit. This is an excellent option for summer or for a festival or concert. Go for a Haori jacket that has a bold print or incredible texture to make a statement. Then pair it with simple shorts and a tank top.


Do you want to cinch in your waist to create a more defined silhouette? You can simply belt your Haori jacket. This style goes smoothly for a formal look and works well with a skirt or dress. Choose a wide belt in a complementary color to the Haori jacket for a polished look.


For a more relaxed and casual look, choose an oversized Haori jacket. This is a great option for layering over bulky sweaters or other thick layers. Blend it with skinny jeans and boots, and you will have a stylish and cozy outfit.


Rocking a cropped Haori jacket shows off high-waisted skirts or pants. This style also works well with dresses that have a defined waistline. Choose a cropped Haori jacket with a bold print or exciting texture to make a statement.


Haori jackets are traditionally worn as a layering piece, so why not layer multiple Haori jackets for a unique and eclectic look? Choose Haori jackets in different prints and textures to create a cohesive yet interesting outfit.

With heels

To dress up your Haori jacket, pair it with heels. This style is perfect for a formal event or a night out in the city. Choose a Haori jacket in a bold color to make a statement, and pair it with a simple dress or pantsuit.


Haori often comes in vibrant colors and prints. To look more stylish, simply allow the Haori to be the star of the show! Combine the jacket with any clothing you choose; it’s a very versatile outfit. The styles discussed above are good to go anytime.

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