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Amazing Tips To Protect Your Eyes While Tanning

You might be considering getting a tan now that summer is quickly approaching. Your eyes require protection from damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays whether you like to tan outside in the sun’s natural rays or indoors in a tanning bed.

Even though we frequently close our eyes while tanning, this is insufficient UV protection. Without our knowledge, UV rays can penetrate our eyelids and harm our eyes. Additionally, just like any other part of our bodies’ skin, the eyelids can burn. Eyelid burns are painful, common, and need to be properly diagnosed and treated by an ophthalmologist.

The risk of cataracts, as well as eye and eyelid growths, including cancer, may rise with UV radiation exposure. It can also result in photokeratitis, a painful eye condition that affects the conjunctiva, the layer of cells that line the inside of the eyelids and the whites of the eyes, as well as the cornea, the clear, protective membrane that surrounds the eye.

Ways To Protect Your Eyes

Following are the amazing tips to protect your eyes.

Raccoon eye prevention might be a difficult process. You’ll need to expose your body to UV lights for a long time if you want to tan for a darker glow. However, you must protect your eyes from UV radiation because they can lead to a number of issues, including cataracts, macular degeneration, and choroidal melanoma. Following are some suggestions for preventing raccoon eyes after a tanning session:

Purchase High-Quality Goggles

To avoid raccoon eyes while tanning, many people advise taking off your goggles. Without protective eyewear, you run the risk of doing irreversible damage to your eyes, hence we advise against taking this advice. Instead, we advise you to spend your money on high-quality sunglasses made especially for tanning. The only method to protect your eyes is to wear safety goggles, so you’ll need to spend money on a good set.

You can buy goggles from Vooglam. By using the Vooglam promo code that is offering you can purchase amazing and best quality goggles at a low price. Vooglam offers more than ten thousand different styles of eyeglasses in a variety of colours and materials.

Position Your Safety Glasses

Although taking off your goggles is not a good idea, you can move them intravenously to make sure different parts of the region around your eyes get exposed to UV radiation. Raccoon eyes can be minimised, if not completely, by adjusting them every few minutes. Make sure your goggles’ bottom ridge always rests against the inside of your eyelids.

For a few minutes, adjust the goggles so that each side corner covers its corresponding eye. Before rotating the goggles to your left side, the right lens corner should cover the right eyelid so that the left lens corner may shield your left eye. By regularly adjusting your goggles to ensure equal covering all the way around your eyes, you may prevent raccoon eyes.

After Sunbathing, Put On Sunglasses

When you exit the tanning beds, your eyes are more susceptible to injury, making eye protection even more important. Keep protecting your eyes by donning sunglasses. Visit Vooglam they have wide range of range of glasses for you. You can even use Vooglam promo code that is offering, because they care about you.

Make Use Of Eye Drops

Your eyes become drier after exposure to UV rays from tanning beds. Redness, itchiness, and a burning sensation may result from this. By utilising eye drops, you can avoid having dry eyes.

Regular Visits To Your Eye Care Professional

You should routinely see an eye care specialist because they can spot even the smallest damage to your eye, preventing an undiscovered issue from developing into a serious illness.

Amazing facts about eye protection while tanning

Following are the 8 amazing facts of using eye protection

  • The sun can damage your eyes! Without eye protection, tanning might result in red, itchy, or watery eyes. All of these signs point to temporary eye injury.
  • In just one tanning session, your eyes could become damaged! Without wearing eye protection, even a single tanning session might result in temporary eye damage.
  • Eye sunburn comes in two different types.

Photokeratitis is a transient corneal burn that lasts for several days and results in tearing, pain, and blurriness.

Basal Cell Carcinoma (swelling and redness in and around the eyes are signs of damaged, sensitive eye tissue)

  • Your eyes are not being protected by closing them! Less than 25% of dangerous UV rays are normally blocked from entering your eyes by your eyelids, which is insufficient protection.
  • Eye diseases could potentially be a risk for you. One of the main ways that eye illnesses like conjunctivitis are spread is via sharing eye protection. Non-disposable eye protection is less hygienic and has a higher chance of becoming contaminated.
  • Without using eye protection, prolonged and even permanent eye issues might result from exposure to UV light on a regular basis.
  • Some eye damage you sustain is permanent! Diminished Colour Perception (your sight will become dull) and Reduced Night Vision are two effects of long-term eye injury. These cannot be cured.
  • Without wearing eye protection, prolonged UV exposure greatly increases your risk of acquiring a cataract. Significant pain and perhaps blindness result from this. The only treatment for cataracts is surgery.


One of the most crucial indoor tanning recommendations is to always use eye protection. I’m hoping this piece can persuade some of you to squint. I understand that while we are young, we do not feel the need to worry about things like this, but trust me, in a few short years, you will wish you had done a few things differently. Do not wear eye protection when tanning one of them.

If you decide to use a tanning bed, make sure to wear goggles made specifically for indoor tanning and to position them correctly to completely cover your eyelids and prevent eyelid burns. Sunglasses won’t completely shield your eyes from the UV radiation that the tanning bed produces.Make sure you are using UK hot deals because it is important to save your money in this inflammation era.

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