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Amanda Haze: Finding A Passion For Music

Amanda Haze is a Producer and DJ from New York. After seeing some success after her first couple of years, she’s now continued on to release her first single of 2021, “Feel It”, and has plans for more to come. However, things didn’t start off so straightforward for Haze.

Amanda Haze, like many, fell victim to a familiar scenario of not knowing exactly what direction to start off in life. Haze found herself showing up to corporate internships, and spending hours behind a desk. Though, this didn’t feel right for Haze.  “I never felt satisfied. I always felt like there was more for me to give to the world, and I wanted to focus on creating and using my mind.”

It became clear to Amanda Haze that she needed to find something else. That something else became music. Getting her first immersive music experience while traveling abroad, she started experimenting with a euro rack, falling in love with synthesizers and different genres of EDM.

Before long, Haze was creating original mixes and singles, releasing them onto SoundCloud and other major streaming platforms. Notably, her long-running series of song mixes entitled “RIZE N VIBE RADIO” became a staple for her, drawing in fans through radio play and her unique sound. Translating into live performance, Haze has been quoted saying, “I can’t really express how fulfilling it is when I see people dancing to my DJ set or my music while the sun starts to rise and everyone’s been up since the night before. I really work hard to give people this sense of, like, ethereal escapism. It’s hard for me to wrap my mind around ever doing anything else.”

To celebrate her success over the years, Haze is set to release her latest and most ambitious project to date entitled Hazey in 2021. “My greatest success so far would probably be the music I’m releasing soon- I’ve been working so hard on it and so excited for people to vibe to it.”

You can find Amanda Haze on Instagram here and listen to her music here.

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