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Amana’s Trading Revolution: Breaking barriers for traders and investors 

In past generations, stock traders have been seen as businessmen and businesswomen, strutting into their offices on Wall Street. While this imagery is alive and well in the minds of many, the reality for current and future generations is that investing and trading are increasingly being put in the hands of the average individual. As we move toward a more digital future, investing in assets is quickly becoming a universally accessible activity, regardless of income level, zip code, or educational level. This is the future that the amana trading app is working to usher in. 

amana’s app has a quick onboarding process that only takes a few minutes and a user-friendly interface, designed to be accessible and non-intimidating. This can be especially helpful for those new to trading. It also boasts a unique order entry method that simplifies transactions, quick access charts, and a personalized ‘For You’ page. Users are not bogged down by Buy Limits or Buy Stops that might be found on other investment platforms. They can simply set their desired asset price and amana handles the rest.

This state-of-the-art app is designed to not only make transactions simpler but also to make trading and investing more financially accessible to the masses. It offers access to 1000s of commission-free products, no additional or hidden fees, and no minimum balance is required. Another bonus to using amana’s software is that it does not charge commissions or fees on local or regional shares. 

In the same way, amana’s app allows for fractionalized transactions where users are able to purchase a fraction of the financial asset regardless of the share price. This style of investing allows even the smallest investor to purchase stock in Apple, Tesla, Google, and Amazon instead of barring them with a large individual share cost.

While continuing to make the process and cost more accessible, amana’s app provides users with unparalleled access to financial assets and financial markets. “What sets amana apart is our unique capability to connect users to seven MENA equity exchanges, all within a single app,” amana explains. Similarly, users have access to an astounding number of asset classes, including stocks, derivatives, ETFs, currencies, commodities, cryptocurrency, US shares, gold, oil, indices, and many more.

amana believes that easy access is important to their clients, but the app also places a heavy focus on investment education for both new and experienced investors. These educational resources allow users to make informed decisions without requiring hours of research. amana offers top-tier educational content provided through their partnership with Real Vision, including a Real Investing Course, “designed to empower our users with knowledge and insights from seasoned experts.”

After listening to a new generation of traders that is emerging globally, amana has recognized the importance of engaging them in the financial world. Fueled by the belief that trading and investing is a universal right, they have designed an app that responds to these newer needs. As a result, over 175,000 users have joined the app since its launch in September of 2022, and the app is increasingly attracting the attention of Gen Z and Millennials around the globe.

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