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Aman Saha Shares 3 Ways to Leverage AI in Digital Marketing to Increase Brand Recognition

Brand Recognition

Artificial intelligence and digital marketing go hand in hand these days. A recent study by Salesforce reveals that 51% of marketers now turn to artificial intelligence to promote their clients’ brand. Aman Saha, an emerging online marketing specialist who hails from Kolkata, believes that AI is the future of digital marketing. 

Aman, who started his career as a freelance web developer at Fiverr, is now a digital marketing guru. Aside from developing countless websites for clients, Aman has also expanded his SEO knowledge over the years. His vast experience in various niches has allowed him to gain a better grasp of how marketing works. 

When asked about AI and digital marketing, he said, “In a few years, digital marketers would completely rely on AI and machine learning to improve online brand visibility. Artificial intelligence is the future of digital marketing and there’s no other way of looking at it.”   

He also mentioned 4 ways of how AI influences digital marketing in the current scenario:

1) Chatbots

Online users don’t have the patience to wait for a slow-loading webpage. If your pages take more than a couple of seconds to fully load, then you may be losing out on so many potential customers. It also hurts your brand’s reputation in the long-run as the same visitors won’t want to come back to your website. Aman recommends that you use chatbots to deal with this problem. Chatbots can provide automated responses to visitors so that they get answers to their questions instantly. It creates a positive impression of your brand as they wouldn’t have to wait long to get a response from your site. But of course, you need to follow up immediately with a human response.

2) Content curation

Using AI applications to develop content for digital marketing is now becoming the norm. Aman, in many of his campaigns, also used AI for content curation to personalize recommendations for different products on a website. He believes that it not only keeps visitors hooked to the website but also increases the likelihood of converting visitors into customers.

Aman says that if a website is selling pack ‘n play for babies, then content curation on the website would lead to other suggestions that visitors may want to buy such as toys for toddlers. AI can recommend these products to increase sales. The visitors may also want to come back to the site because it offers practical recommendations of products, thus improving the brand value of the company.

3) Social media advertising

AI now helps to provide personalized ads on social media. Google AdSense and Facebook ads now use AI to understand the type of ads that the audience wants to see. Digital marketers can use this opportunity to boost their brand recognition.

For example, if a parent recently searched on Google for pack ‘n plays, Facebook may come up with ads from top brands that sell the best pack ‘n plays, thus reminding you of what you are missing out on. If the user has not already bought the product, she may want to click on the ad and visit the official website of that brand. 

Aman’s practical approach towards digital marketing has helped him win the confidence of clients. If you want to create future-proof marketing, you should start integrating AI into your digital marketing efforts.

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