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Aluclad Windows: Modernizing Edinburgh’s Architectural Landscape 

Aluclad Windows: Modernizing Edinburgh's Architectural Landscape 

Edinburgh ranks as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Thanks to its stunning townhouses. With the fantastic architecture of many Edinburgh homes fitted with aluclad windows, the city couldn’t fall short of taking its position as the fourth most beautiful city globally.

Therefore, modernizing your Edinburgh home with bifold doors and aluminium clad windows will definitely be transformative.

With glazing specialists EKCO, your Edinburgh home shouldn’t remain without fantastic aluminium clad windows. Meanwhile, an in-depth understanding of the pros and cons of these windows will help you appreciate them more.

Pros and Cons of Aluclad Windows

Aluminium clad windows are becoming extensively used in many Edinburgh homes and commercial buildings.

However, some property owners are yet to take advantage of these excellent windows. In order to help you appreciate them better, let’s consider some of the pros and cons of installing aluminium clad windows.


The following are some of the pros of installing aluminium clad windows in your Edinburgh home.


Aluminium clad windows are produced with a combination of high-quality timber (wooden frame) and aluminium profiles. Most aluminium clad windows are produced with top-notch species of wood.

The materials utilised in the manufacturing of aluminium clad windows are highly durable with the capacity to last for an extended period. Therefore, frequent window replacements are not a concern with aluminium clad windows.

Adds to home aesthetics

With aluminium clad windows, you can completely transform your Edinburgh home’s aesthetics, as they come in different designs and colours. These windows are a touch of class and luxury in your home.

Increases property value

Due to the aesthetic appeal, coupled with the durability of aluclad windows, homeowners enjoy increased value on their property. Installing aluminium clad windows is like investing in your real estate property for the future.

Protection against environmental elements

Unlike traditional wooden windows, the aluminium profiles on aluclad windows ensure that the interior wooden frame is protected from damage caused by rain and sunlight.

Also, during winter months, the wooden frame ensures that the aluminium is not as cold as conventional aluminium windows.


On the flip side, aluminium clad windows also come with a few drawbacks that you need to pay attention to. The following are some of the drawbacks to consider before installing aluminium clad windows.

Relatively pricey

The cost of buying aluminium clad windows seems to be the major issue with these windows. They are relatively more expensive than some of their competitors.

However, when you match the value (high quality, durability, aesthetic appeal, etc.) of the windows with the purchase price, it’s obvious that the windows are worth more.

Thermal expansion

Typically, wood and aluminium possess varying rates of contraction and expansion when acted upon by climatic conditions.

Therefore, thermal expansion can lead to the warping of the aluminium clad over time, thereby altering the window’s functionality and appeal.


The thermal performance of aluminium clad windows has a tendency to cause condensation during colder climates. In other words, when warm air within a room meets the surface of the glass on the window, this can result in condensation.

Meanwhile, excessive moisture from condensation can compromise the integrity of aluminium windows over a period of time.

Wood rot/decay

With the design of aluminium clad windows, there’s a tendency for moisture to infiltrate the areas where the timber and aluminium meet. This can weaken the wood over time and further result in wood rot and aluminium clad corrosion.

Aluclad Window Miantenance

Undoubtedly, aluminium clad windows deliver an exceptional aesthetic with a touch of class. However, to ensure that the windows consistently perform effectively and last longer, you’ll need to engage in regular maintenance exercises.

However, maintaining aluminium clad windows doesn’t require so much. Some of the essential maintenance exercises include; regular cleaning with cloth and soapy water, oiling of window handles and hinges, sealing of the wooden frame, and painting.

Proper maintenance of aluminium clad windows will help you prevent moisture from damaging the window. Also, the regular oiling will ensure the optimal performance of the window’s handle and hinges.

Failure to properly maintain aluminium windows will eventually trigger some unexpected challenges such as stiffness of the handles and hinges, as well as decay of the wooden frame. Nevertheless, maintaining aluminium clad windows doesn’t require you to break the bank.

How Much Do Aluminium Windows Cost?

Most aluminium windows are estimated to cost around $700 – $1,700. However, the amount is largely dependent on various factors such as the supplier, size of the window, quality level, installation labour cost, etc.

Typically, the cost-benefit analysis of buying aluminium clad windows reveals that it is a worthy investment. This is due to the entire value package (longevity, excellent thermal performance, aesthetic appearance, etc.) that these windows offer.

Also, it’s important to state that there are various styles and quality levels of aluminium clad windows. While some may be of top-notch high quality, others may have relatively low quality. Meanwhile, this variation in quality level directly impacts the price of the windows.

Therefore, do not subscribe to low quality aluminium clad windows due to the attraction of low price. It would be best to pay a premium price for top-notch quality aluminium clad windows that will perform efficiently with an extended service life.

Final Words

Regardless of the temptation to match the drawbacks with the benefits of installing aluclad windows in your Edinburgh home, one thing is sure: Overall, aluminium clad windows are top-notch in all ramifications.

However, as a homeowner, you have the responsibility of ensuring consistent maintenance, which will eventually determine how long the windows will last. Meanwhile, it’s vital to note that the maintenance of aluminium clad windows is quite low.

Therefore, be sure to consider all the pros and cons exposed above before attempting to opt for aluminium clad windows. Lastly, proper guidance from professionals can help you make the best choice when buying aluminium clad windows.

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