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Altus Trading Review – Should you join Altus Trading Academy?

Altus Trading Academy

Lately online trading has becoming increasingly popular with more and more people deciding to take the leap and give trading a go. Naturally these beginners will be looking for some form of support or guidance to help them become profitable traders. There are many online platforms claiming to be able to transform these beginners into consistently profitable traders. Today we will take a look at one such platform and present our own Altus Trading Review so that you can decide for yourself if Altus Trading Academy is right for you.

Altus Trading Academy – Background Information

To begin our Altus Trading review we will look into the background of Altus Trading Academy. We can see that Altus Trading has been helping traders since 2019. This is an important factor as it shows us that after 4+ years there is still a demand for their services which would indicate that their clients must be somewhat satisfied with the trading education they are receiving. Altus Trading seems to attract most of their members through their social media on instagram and facebook, also on their instagram and facebook we can see Altus Trading reviews that have been provided by current members. These reviews come in the form of screenshots of messaging conversations on telegram between members of Altus Trading Academy and the mentors of Altus Trading Academy. Altus Trading is constantly uploading more of these reviews on an almost daily basis.

What exactly do Altus Trading Academy Offer?

Altus Trading offer their clients a number of tools which are designed to bring someone from a complete beginner to consistently profitable trader. One major advantage of Altus Trading Academy is that all of their resources are online based and can be accessed on demand allowing you to perfect your skills around your own schedule. 

The first thing that members of Altus Trading get access to is their signals group. Here members can see and follow the exact trades that Altus Trading is taking on a daily basis. This group will allow members to see what trades the experts have entered and also when they have closed them. In our opinion this is one of the most powerful tools offered  by Altus Trading.

The next resource members get access to is an online course. The course starts off very beginner friendly and covers all the basics of trading, it then progresses further to explain more advanced trading techniques.

Finally all members have access to their own mentor. The Altus Trading mentor is there to help with any questions a member may have and to explain anything further if needed. For a beginner trader this is very important as you will naturally have a lot of questions and being able to get answers quickly is vital for you to be able to learn quickly.

How Do You Join Altus Trading Academy – How Much Does It Cost?

The first step in joining Altus Trading is to contact one of the mentors via whatsapp or telegram. Once you do this they will further explain to you everything that Altus Trading offers. In terms of cost Altus Trading offer a 3 month free trial which allows you to know for sure if trading is for you before you start paying the monthly fee which is £70 per month at the time of writing. The only conditions of the free trial is that you need to have your own funds to use to trade with. This is the money that you place into your own trading account and use these funds to place your own trades. Of course only you have full control over this account and you decide when to make all transactions.

Is Altus Trading Academy Safe?

Naturally when it comes to online trading people tend to be cautious. From our own personal review of Altus Trading which we will present below and the fact that you can benefit from a 3 month free trial meaning you do not have to pay anything to Altus Trading we can conclude that Altus Trading Academy is very safe.

Altus Trading Review – Our Personal Experience 

In order to be able to provide an accurate and honest review we knew that we would have to try all the features of Altus Trading for ourselves. We began like any other potential member would and contacted the team for more information. A team member from Altus Trading by the name of David provided us with the information on whatsapp and was helpful in answering our questions 

David then explained the 3 month free trial process to us and that in order to proceed we would need to create our own trading account to use to trade with. So we began to create our trading account which was a simple and straightforward process. From registration to making our first deposit took us less than 20 minutes total. We started off with an initial deposit of £400.

Once we were set up we were then assigned our own mentor who gave us access to all the resources and further explained everything to us. The signals group was very easy to follow and we were also given videos which showed us exactly how they worked. The online course was very long however the information was in a concise format which made it a lot easier to work through. As for our mentor anytime we had a question we received an answer within minutes.

The next day after joining we began following along with the trades that the experts were sending in the group at the same time we made our way through the online course, after one full week of following the trades we had managed to make a profit of £158 this was a combination of trades we were following in the signals group and our own trades we took by using the strategies thought in the course.

In order to make sure to fully test everything we went and withdrew that £158 profit from our trading account back to our bank account, the withdrawal was approved in the same day and we received the funds into our account on the next day.

Altus Trading Review – Final Verdict

Given our own firsthand experience and all the information we could find from others we can come to our final verdict on Altus Trading Academy, Overall we think that Altus Trading definitely can help beginners take their first steps in trading and eventually be able to profit from trading. The resources are great and considering you get a 3 month free trila its a bit of a no brainer to give it a go.

In our opinion Altus Trading Academt is slightly more geared towards beginners than it is to more experienced traders however this is not to say that advanced traders cannot get any benefit from Altus Trading.

Altus Trading – Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Altus Trading Legit?

Yes, Altus Trading Academy is legit we have tested all of their features for ourselves, further to this you can benefit from a 3 month free trial before committing to paying any monthly fee.

Are Altus Trading Signals Profitable?

Yes, Altus Trading Signals are profitable in our time of following the signals they had a win rate of 78% which if you are using correct risk management would result in profitable trades.

Is Altus Trading Academy Safe?

Yes, Altus Trading Academy is safe, the offer a 3 month free trial where you do not pay them anything at all. The only thing you need for the 3 month free trial is your own funds to use to trade with. We can also say that the broker you use to trade with is safe since we managed to create an account make a deposit and a withdrawal without any issues.

Is Altus Trading Beginner Friendly?

Yes, Altus Trading is a beginner friendly option to learn how to trade, everything is explained very clearly and most importantly all members have a mentor to guide them with anything that they do not understand.

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