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Alternative Financing Platform Credefi Finance Inks Deal With Web3 Investment Firm DWF Labs

Two mighty forces in the Web3 arena, Credefi Finance, and DWF Labs have partnered in a move to strategically support each other’s core operations. This mutual understanding sees Credefi Finance gain exposure to different markets and investment opportunities to expand its presence.

At the same time, DWF Labs will benefit from the heightened demand for Credefi Finance’s services, including its native $CREDI token potential upward swing.

EU Debt Financing Is Difficult

A recent report shows that Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) within the EU prefer to use internal funds over getting debt financing. Of the small amount that did not have sufficient funds, they cited reasons like expensive borrowing, the fear of rejection, and unsuitable terms. With several barriers that prevent SMEs from securing capital and reaching their full potential, the credit market within the EU is in need of an overhaul.

While the EU policymakers mull over what actions need to be implemented, small and medium businesses keep facing difficulties in securing loans.

As such, Credefi Finance has become a shining beacon, offering alternative means of securing finances. Credefi Finance forgoes the traditional limitations, accepting numerous forms of real world assets (RWAs) that other financial institutions may balk at. Leveraging blockchain for speed, transparency, and security of funds, Credefi Finance has helped more than 50 SMEs, with lenders providing $4.5 million in liquidity.

Expanding Horizons: The Credefi Finance and DWF Labs Partnership

The recent collaboration decision by Credefi Finance and DWF Labs helps EU-based SMEs gain better financing with lower hoops to jump through. DWF Labs will use its market-making abilities and investment backing to expand Credefi Finance operations and reach. This means previously left out SMEs will now have access to use their RWAs as collateral for much-needed credit.

Speaking about the partnership, Ivo Grigorov, CEO of Credefi Finance said, “This partnership represents a strategic alignment of our goals with DWF Labs, whose expertise in market making and ecosystem development is unparalleled,”…. “Together, we are poised to drive significant advancements in the RWA space, offering our users enhanced liquidity and a more dynamic all-in-one alternative financing platform.”

For DWF Labs, this means the investment firm will gain exposure to SMEs, partaking in the lending program to gain additional revenue sources. It will also use its strategic vision and expertise to help Credefi innovate its services.

Praising Credefi Finance, Andrei Grachev, the Managing Partner at DWF Labs said, “Credefi Finance is a key player in the #RWA decentralized finance industry, and we are thrilled to support their vision of expanding and enhancing their ecosystem. Our commitment goes beyond liquidity provision; we aim to empower Credefi with the tools and networks needed to succeed in a competitive market.”

About Credefi Finance

Breaking down current barriers, Credefi Finance is gaining traction as the go-to platform for SMEs within the EU for loans. Accepting multiple forms of RWAs, Credefi Finance gives financing options previously denied due to policies and bureaucratic red tape.

Using its native $CREDI token, Credefi Finance gives lenders and borrowers a friction-free environment with interest rates that both parties are happy with.


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About DWF Labs

With a presence in more than 5 dozen crypto exchanges, DWF Labs uses its reach to back innovative Web34 firms with investments, creating liquidity for the firms and creating stability in fledgling businesses. DWF Labs has helped some of the biggest names in the industry, including the GameFi platform Gala Games, the fast and efficient TRON network, and many more.


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