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ALSCO – Providing Computer Software And Security Solutions To Its Clients In Order To Counter Cyber Threats

As the use of automated data and digital information transfer has become increasingly popular these days, software security has come to the forefront and has become an integral and crucial part of businesses of different genres and sizes. With cyberattacks running rampant, it is the responsibility of a company to ensure that its software security system is first-rate and top-quality. If software security is overlooked, it may lead to data breaches that not only invade the privacy of people but also harm the overall integrity and reputation of a company. Apart from hacking, virus attacks, and spyware, the most common threats to a company’s software are phishing attacks, SQL injection attacks, password attacks, man-in-the-middle attacks, crypto-jacking, and denial-of-service attacks to name a few. Therefore, an organization should pay extra attention to its software security protocols to safeguard and protect confidential and sensitive information and data.

Nowadays, a broad range of software development companies are helping and assisting organizations and individuals through their security solutions and proper software, one of which is ALSCO TODAY, which is known for its high-quality IT support and services. ALSCO is a global IT company that was founded in 2007, to provide top-notch IT solutions, cloud web services, and technical support to entities such as organizations, companies, and government institutions around the globe regardless of their size and reach. The experienced and proficient software engineers, integration specialists, Microsoft-certified professionals, database specialists, designers, and technical project managers of ALSCO provide the customers with engineering solutions through the Patent Secure Gateway Security.

Since its inception, ALSCO’s goal is to provide different hosting and domain name services like web hosting and cloud servers for businesses operating in countries located in the Middle East. It offers its customers the Secure Gateway Software which removes unauthorized and illegitimate sources and requests and protects against hacking attempts by utilizing the Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) technology. Other than this software, ALSCO also provides Data Center Services like virtual server configuration, backup, storage, and security services to all its clients. The virtual configuration that the company currently provides is available in both multi-tenant and single-tenant models, but its bare-metal server configurations are only available in the single-tenant model. The company is also providing security services in the form of firewalls, secure gateway, and Secure Sockets Layer to enhance their customer experience by shielding web applications and websites from malicious traffic and cybercrimes. Apart from these services, ALSCO focuses on the training of their staff to ensure proper usage of tools, new technology, and different software. The company has gained popularity in recent times because of the IT solutions it provides, which include cluster solutions, software development, integration solutions, and High Availability (HA) hardware solutions.

The registered trademarks of the company include SECURE GATEWAY®️ registered on October 29, 2019 (U.S Serial Number: 88419308), WEB SECURE GATEWAY®️ registered on February 18, 2020 (U.S Serial Number: 88437500), SECURE GATEWAY®️ registered on June 16, 2020 (U.S Serial Number: 88688748), CLOUD SECURE GATEWAY®️ registered on February 18, 2020 (U.S Serial Number: 88419462) and E-Mail SECURE GATEWAY®️ registered on February 18, 2020 (U.S Serial Number: 88437538).

Companies like ALSCO are not only safeguarding business entities from data breaches and cyber-attacks but are also contributing to the improvement of customer satisfaction and trust by offering optimal solutions for all technical and security problems. As the information technology industry is evolving and growing at a fast rate, the demand for ALSCO’s products and services is expected to rise even more in the future.

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