AlphaPack is An Upcoming NFT Collection that will Conquer the Metaverse

Built on the Solana blockchain, AlphaPack plans to top the charts in its upcoming launch.

A new NFT project named AlphaPack has been announced, promising unique art and utilities. Although they are launching on Solana, they will expand to become multi-chain by building a P2E game on the Sandbox.

The AlphaPack is made up of 5000 wolves that have come from a planet where large ape-like creatures have caused havoc in the lives of the wolves. These giant apes destroyed their lands and slaughtered their kind, forcing the pack to flee in search of a new home. Just before escaping in space pods to a jungle-filled planet, their scientists produced a special chemical called “Alpha Serum” that provided these wolves with mutations like sharper teeth and super-strength on their conquest for vengeance. The question remains… who will the AlphaPack encounter on this foreign planet?

This NFT collection is taking the Solana blockchain to the next level and rewarding its holders with multiple utilities including the giveaway of 500 AlphaPack NFTs which can benefit staking and gives holders a chance to make back what they invested originally, plus profit, based on the current floor price. Holding more than one Alphapack NFT also gives one access to the ‘Gen 2 Collection’.

AlphaPack’s team has devised a roadmap for achieving its goals and reaching out to potential investors:

Under the first phase, they have:

– Launched a Professional Website

–  Created an Introduction Video

–  Released the Twitter / Instagram

–  Created & Released a Comic Book Series (Chapter 1)

Under the second phase, they plan to:

– Initiate the whitelist

– Begin the Public Sale

– Re-Design the Website

– Release Chapter 2 of Comic Book

Under the third phase, AlphaPack aims to:

– Conduct an NFT Giveaway (5 AlphaPack NFTs given away per 100 Mints)

– Announce Gen 2 Collection

– Release Chapter 3 of Comic Book

– Announce Breeding Tokenomics

For the fourth phase, they will undertake:

– Releasing the Tokenomics

– Merchandise Giveaway

– Unveiling of P2E Game Details

– Production & Release of Cinematic Game Trailer

– Acquisition of the Sandbox Plot

In the fifth phase, they plan to:

– Throw a Launch Party

– Release Chapter 4 of Comic Book

– Launch P2E Sandbox Game

For the sixth phase, AlphaPack will announce Roadmap 2.0.

For more details on the project, visit

 About AlphaPack NFT:

AlphaPack is an upcoming NFT Collection with unique art and promising utilities that will help this project lead both in the Metaverse and on NFT marketplace charts. This NFT collection consisting of 5000 wolves will launch on the Solana Blockchain with plans to become multi-chain through a P2E game on the Sandbox.

 Watch AlphaPack NFT Intro:

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