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Alpha Space Heater Reviews- Truth Revealed By Trusted Experts

Alpha Space Heater

Space Heater are the most wanted gadgets this winter. Truly, there are many brands and models. Making decisions is not easy, even some experts find it difficult.

Luckily, today we came across another quality portable Space heater called Alpha. It is trending in Canada and the US. Many people have given their thoughts and some even claimed that it is the best heater now.

With this in mind, we give a rundown of everything we know about it. Stay with us and see the truth. We will also help you buy it if you decide to try it out.

Alpha Space Heater

Like other products we have reviewed, we might receive a little commission if you buy from our post. As usual, don’t buy if you are not completely thrilled. There are other space heaters to try out this winter.

Don’t leave this page, Let’s review Alpha Space heater today and see what works. 

What Is An Alpha Space Heater?

Alpha heater is a portable heating system for indoor use only. Currently, it is available for sale on the company’s official website.

Alpha heaters use ceramic heating systems to turn cold air into warm air. It is extremely portable, compact, and lightweight. It can be used from room to room, office to office, and people who love traveling can easily use it while on the go.

Alpha space heater uses a fan to blow hot air out and also cool the system to prevent overheating. It is cordless with a nice-looking body. It also uses an anti-microbial filter.

From the official website, it is extremely powerful, it can safely handle up to 1200 Watts. Many users confirmed that it is capable of heating a 350 square feet sized room within minutes. 

With many people happy with it, there is no such reason why you will not like the Alpha Space heater. Many have been sold in Canada and it is still counting.

Alpha Space Heater Features

Here are some of the unique features that differentiate Alpha heaters from regular heat in units: 

  • Built-in timer
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Antimicrobial filter
  • Heating cartridge
  • Display screen 

Heater Type

Alpha heater is a fan-forced heater. It distributes warm air uniformly to prevent some portions from being cold. It doesn’t make much noise like others. Due to the fan, it is faster than most heater types and saves energy and time.

Working Principle (Alpha Space Heater Reviews )

Like similar brands, the Alpha heater uses the electrical power from the wall socket and converts it to heat energy with the help of a heating element inside.

It uses an internal thermostat to measure the temperature and regulates the energy flow based on your preferred settings ( low or high). Once the set temperature is reached, it shuts down immediately. 

Fans are used to blow the generated heat away. It will also shut down once it reaches a particular set time. It displays the internal temperature, set temperature, and time on the screen.

How To Use The Alpha Space Heater

Using the Alpha heater is very simple. Users who never used it should not worry at all, it is the simplest heating unit out there. 

Let’s see how it goes!!!

  • First of all, go through the instructions Manual. Know more about it and what the manufacturer advised.
  • Plug it into a suitable socket outlet. Don’t plug in far away from the place you intended to stay. 
  • Power on the wall socket through the switch. Switch on the heater after that.
  • Customize the heating time if you want. Alpha heaters can be set to run from 1 to 6 hours.
  • Adjust the thermostat if necessary.

In doubt, contact the manufacturer through the company email.

Alpha Space Heater Safety Features 

Safety is a major consideration. Like most heaters, the Alpha heater has enough safety devices. It has an automatic shutdown button to switch it off immediately whenever there is an emergency. It also has a gravity sensor, Tip-over switch, and thermostat.

Heating Capacity

The alpha space heater has a variable capacity. The maximum power is 1200 watts which is enough to warm any medium-sized room. Truly it might not compete favorably with some high-end space heaters and central heaters. But at this price, it is the best.

Alpha Space Heater Benefits 

From the verified Alpha space heater reviews, the Alpha heater offers many benefits not possible in conventional space heaters.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Alpha space heater doesn’t make noise.
  • Alpha space heater offers uniform heating.
  • Alpha space heater offers portable heating.
  • Alpha space heaters are sold at discounted prices.
  • The Alpha space heater is powerful and faster 

Reasons Why Alpha Heater Is One Of The Best Space Heaters Now

Saying that Alpha is the best space heater might look like an exaggeration. Comparing it with others, here are what differentiates it from the crowd:

Firstly, the Alpha space heater covers much space, unlike other brands. It comfortably warms rooms up to 400 Square feet without any hassle.

Secondly, it is the fastest space heater out there. Experts claimed that it heats in seconds. It might be false but consumers confessed that it takes just 5 minutes to keep everything warm. Truly, these numbers might vary as it depends on other factors. The truth remains that it is one of the fastest heaters in Canada and the US.

Thirdly, Alpha space heaters are easy to use. This is true because there are no parts to fix, no mechanical parts to lubricate, no gas to fill, and other stuff normally done in other heaters. It is a 100% plug-and-play space heater. Don’t worry, there is no expert experience, just read the instructions manual.

Again, it is available in a cordless model which means that you don’t need to worry about messy and untidy cables like before. Just bring the unit out and plug it in.

Also, it is energy efficient Compared to a similar space heater, Alpha doesn’t consume electricity. It heats in style and saves a lot of money in the process. Users claimed that they spent just 30% of their estimated budget last winter. 

Finally, the Alpha heater is very affordable. at $45, it looks like the cheapest space heater now. Truly most heaters are under $50 but Alpha makes much difference at this price. In all ramifications, It competes with most high-end heaters sold today.

Sure it might not be the best considering the number of heaters available. All we know is that it is one of the heaters to beat this winter. Its satisfaction is guaranteed. Try it out and see.

Advantages Of Alpha heaters Over Other Space Heaters

  • It consumes less energy
  • It is more compact, lightweight, and portable
  • It is highly reliable
  • It has smarter features 
  • It is also more durable

Yes, alpha is not a basic heater, it has an edge over other units currently available. In terms of heating power, it is not better than most central heaters but it does more. It is the best option for those who want to warm smaller places like a bedroom. It is more economical and heats some corners not possible for central heaters. It can be used from place to place as well.


  • Guaranteed high quality
  • Cordless
  • Eco-Friendly and user-friendly
  • ETL tested
  • Customizable 

Cons (Alpha Space Heater Reviews)

  • It is only effective in medium-sized rooms and other smaller space
  • More units are required in larger spaces
  • Users are forced to pay shipping charges even though some reviewers claimed that there are no additional charges
  • It can not be used in the bathroom and outdoors
  • Alpha heater doesn’t have any remote or voice control.

Alpha Heater Refund Policy

Users cannot request a refund on any used Alpha Heater purchases. If you tried using it and were unsatisfied with its result, then you cannot obtain a refund. The company only offers refunds if your Alpha space Heater is: unused, unworn, and in its original, intact packaging and must be returned within 30 days.

Troubleshooting and Maintenance techniques

Alpha heater hardly failed so users should not worry much. Like other wall socket heaters, the socket might be faulty and it won’t be able to get power. In this case, check another socket outlet or replace the faulty one. Also, the line breaker might be tripping off when plug in, in this case, call a certified electrician, it might be taking much current higher than the circuit breaker capacity.

Alpha space heaters rarely required maintenance because there are few mechanical parts to worry about. The control buttons look durable, likewise the three-pin plug. Always clean it with a damp cloth, don’t submerge it in water or spray any chemicals or paint. 

Alpha Heater Prices

Alpha heater is fairly priced even though it does more. From the official product sales page, here is a rundown of the price.

  • One unit cost $49.95
  • Two units cost $94.91
  • Three units cost $134.87

However, these are discounted. The manufacturer has the right to change it without any notice. Though they promised to keep the price all Winter long.

Alpha Space Heater: Where to buy

An alpha space heater is exclusively sold online on the manufacturer’s website. Don’t worry, they have enough customer care services and enough payment methods. We recommend all our readers buy from them directly. The shipping is faster and there are no other hidden charges. Hopefully, you will have a nice experience!!!

Who Needs This Space heater?

The alpha heater is meant for everyone. Students, office workers, and old people all need it. The manufacturer made the price in such a way that every household can afford it without breaking the bank. People who love smarter things, and portable heaters all need it. It is fast becoming people’s choice.


Here are the safety tips that you might need to prevent any unwanted accident

  • Avoid contact with water
  • Always use it indoors.
  • Don’t use it with extension cords or through a power strip, and power adapter.
  • Don’t wash it, clean it with a soft towel or wet clothes.
  • Don’t leave it running when not around
  • Don’t use it in three phase supply 

Product Durability

The alpha heater is designed with quality materials. The lifespan is not yet known but it looks like it is going to stand the test of time. Every portion looks rugged. 

Packaging And Delivery 

While the delivery time is not static due to some factors, the packaging is one the best we have seen. Our order arrived within 3 days. There is no lazy or sloppy thing in their packaging. Initially, we thought that it was going to be like the regular product we have bought. This made us believe that the company cares for the consumer more than anything. Indeed it is a nice experience.

Alpha Heater Frequently Asked Questions

Will This Heater Raise My Utility Bill?

No, this unit is considered energy efficient. The rate of any increase in utilities would depend entirely on how often you use this heater. The heater takes up about the same amount of energy as a standard hair blow dryer on its highest setting, which is 1200W. If your electricity company charges an average of 10 cents per kilowatt-hour, then it would cost about 12 cents per hour the unit is operational. For further information, please contact your local utility company.

How Safe is this Space Heater?

It is 100% safe. when the internal device temperature is higher than 122F, the device will automatically reduce its temperature to 104F. The device will shut off automatically if the temperature goes above 122F three times in succession.

How Much Is The Shipping Charges?

There is no fixed charge. Your shipping charges are calculated at checkout.

What Is Its Coverage?

One unit covers up to 350 Square feet, two units when working simultaneously cover 700 Square feet while three units working together cover 1050 Square feet of space.


Here’s what customers have said about it:

Joshua said that he is extremely happy with it. According to him, it warms his room faster than he thought. 

Williams said that he saved 50% of his heating budget last winter without sacrificing comfort. I never expected it before.

One user, Jane by name said that buying an Alpha space heater is one of the smartest things she has done. I thought that it was overhyped.

Final Thought 

An alpha space heater is a quality heater sold today. The majority of users are extremely satisfied though some people are not convinced. We recommend it to anyone looking for a quality space heater this winter.

Important Update

Don’t miss this offer today. The manufacturer announced that the Alpha heater is now available at a 50% discount with free shipping on all orders. Grab this offer today! >


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