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Allied Energy: The New Shareholder Favorite for the Energy Development Industry

Allied Energy (OTCBB: AGYP) has quickly gained traction in the stock market. Their recent business decisions and their investments have led to more buyers than sellers. After their recent acquisition of Byer Heirs #2 Well and a formal corporate update on their project, more buyers flocked to the stock market for their shares. With all the success that they have had and their public response, it can be expected that Allied Energy will only continue to be a strong contender in the stock market in their industry.

Allied Energy (OTCBB: AGYP) has shown great promise in two critical indicators for stock market profitability: a 20-day simple moving average and the 50-day simple moving average. In recent days, their stock price has been traded above these lines. This means that shareholders will likely be more confident in the stock and hold onto it as the price continues to increase.

Additionally, Allied Energy’s stock is also showing signs that the MACD is nearing the zero line. The MACD, also known as the moving average convergence divergence, is a sign of the excellent opportunity for buyers to capitalize on stock prices. If it nears or crosses above zero, shareholders generally should consider buying the stock as it is on an upward trend.

Their volatility as a company and stock is one of the main attributes that has lent shareholders to trust and buy into Allied Energy (OTCBB: AGYP). With low levels of volatility, they are already an authorized stock in the energy development industry. Furthermore, they continuously prove that they make sound investments and raise their company value due to these decisions.

Another factor that contributes to their success is that there are not many stocks available for purchase. Unlike other companies, they do not have thousands and millions of shares available. Allied Energy has 61.7 million outstanding shares, and 11.4 million of those are restricted. Low outstanding shares mean that it is not a volatile stock, and it supports their recent press releases regarding their new well expansion.

Shareholders have every right to be excited about Allied Energy because they show great promise for the future. As an investor, this is a great company to support and an even more impressive investment in, especially now. With the current trend, it is expected that Allied Energy will only begin to grow more valuable in the future.

For more stock market-related content, check out Penny Stocks to read about Allied Energy’s stock and see how they performed in the past. To keep up with current news related to Allied Energy, they are active on social media, specifically Twitter. As for shareholders, keep an eye on this company! Great things are ahead in the future!


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