Alleged Ex-Yuga Labs Contractor Starts New Furry Inspired Collection Guilty Bunnies

Out of the depths of the largest NFT company to date, comes rumors of an insider’s rally for relevancy and due compensation. A friend of the artist told us this contractor is hungry for infamy. Due to privacy NDAs their name was not posted in this article, but their story will be told. Upon working for the Yuga art team, the artist was compensated for their creativity, but after the wild success of Yuga’s NFT collections, the artist felt slighted and possibly entitled to more rewards.

We’ve heard these complaints directly from a friend of the artist and they’ve shown us that this artist is not the only one seeking to make their dreams come true. Unfortunately for us, these dreams contain furries and NFTs, a mix we never thought would come, but here it is.

The contractor has since left Yuga in hopes to explore their passion and secret life. This manifested itself in what we are told is called, Guilty Bunnies ( According to the allegations and backdoor gossip, this “hottest NFT on ETH” project was long in the works. Sources say that nearly $100,000 was invested already from this Artist to pursue their dream. We asked why.

Living in the shadows and behind the scenes is part of a freelancer’s life; they are hired mercenaries set out to create someone else’s vision… and in this case it became so incredibly successful, they now regret not betting more on themselves.

The artist’s motivation for the Guilty Bunnies collection is to inspire others to live their secret life. We received a quote attributed to the artist,

“I am speaking for those people who have burning and dark secrets they can no longer hold inside. Watching your blood, sweat, and creativity enrich everyone but yourself has a particular sting to it and with that, I’ve turned my pain into purpose. Some call me childish or naive for my perspective on the situation, but as an artist, I want to be rewarded for my work. And with Guilty Bunnies, the reward is creating something without limitation. If you feel like you have more to offer to the world, you will relate to this collection.”

What we know at this point is that there could be drama around the corner for this artist and the Bunnies but they don’t appear to mind. We asked for comments on why this artist won’t reveal their identity, but received the answer of NDAs. Gaining notoriety can be a two edged sword, especially when expensive lawsuits can be involved. But living quietly and satisfied is not something humans are good at. People go to great lengths to satisfy their passions… and these Guilty Bunnies seem to be simulating more than just the artist’s creativity.

It seems this artist’s ego has been emboldened by the success of their previous creations and they think they will pull off another home run here with Guilty Bunnies. The friend of the artist commented “they always loved Playboy and Hugh Hefner, I guess this is their fantasy in the form of NFTs”. It will be interesting to see if any feuds with the Apes and Bunnies begin as we have asked Yuga Labs for comment on this story, but have not received an official response.

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