All You Need to Know About Reflectocoin


Cryptocurrency continues to reinvent itself despite the little understanding of the technology. Solution-based platforms have been able to, in some way, improve service rendering even with a limited budget footprint. Reflectocoin is a shiny example of crypto’s reinvention and improving holders’ financial position in various ways and in multiple tokens.

Reflectocoin is a hyper-deflationary reflection token built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that rewards holders in percentages across three different tokens that reward you in turn. There’s no such thing as too many rewards, is there?

Crypto markets, listings, and exchanges see new additions daily. And the accompanying noise and the growing profit-seeking mentality farmed by the media in the name of marketing can fool one into taking a “wild guess” instead of studying before investing. In the spirit of transparency, one of blockchain’s sacred tenets, here’s all you need to know about Reflectocoin.

It is a Pioneering Protocol

Reflectocoin is the world’s first Yield Generation cryptocurrency to reward holders in multiple other tokens; two yield coins and one stable coin. Holders of $Reflecto will receive a tenth of the token value in their possession across EverGrow, Crypter, and BUSD coins. That is a 3.33% reward on each. In turn, Crypter and EverGrow reward their respective holders 8% of their worth in BUSD. A triple reflection effect. According to its creators, the term that best explains the whole reward mechanism and process is Exponential Reflections.

Reflecto utilizes the non-human validated and frictionless yield farming and the generation of liquidity.

Truly Limitless Utility and Scalability

Successful and valuable cryptocurrencies have two things in common, utility and scalability. Reflecto developed an open-source application programming interface (API) that will enable developers to build wallets with zero gas fees. Considering the large amounts charged in the name of transaction fees on chains like Ethereum, this will be a rave. Especially if the wallet has the multi-chain feature integrated and can store non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The sheer volume of transactions leaving wallets will drive $Reflecto’s valuation upwards. 

Next Level Token Model

Token valuation is pegged to many variables, and circulating token supply is one of the most vital. Reflecto’s creators adopted the hyper-deflationary model where the token is made ultra scarce by drastically reducing the circulating supply through burning and buybacks. This model aims to preserve the economic structure of its supply and make the price of buy-ins costlier for whales.

Failsafe for Zero Market Manipulations

Market manipulations have become rampant as the crypto ecosystem does not have any regulating authority. Unscrupulous elements have exploited the gap to manipulate the prices of coins and leave investors at a loss. To protect against such actions, Reflecto set up an anti-whale system that prevents buying over 0.125% of the circulating supply at any given time. Prior, it was 0.25%, but 50% of token burnt halved the buying power. This opens the door to a system where buying power decreases as more tokens are burnt.

Roadmap and Tokenomics

Reflecto’s roadmap and the goals achieved so far indicate the drive and hunger of the team. Out of the ten milestones spread over 4 months, they have been hit 60% of them. The latest is the listing in CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. With how swiftly and effectively they’ve hit their goal, and the timeline illustrated on their website, Reflecto will be hitting full throttle in January of 2022 after its wallet has been integrated into to enable holders to place orders using Reflecto tokens.

Reflecto coins has a total supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000. Fifty percent of the tokens were burned at presale, 45% transferred to presale and initial liquidity, 3% for the founders and the team, and 2% will be gifted as airdrops. The team believes in the project’s longevity and intends to keep the liquidity locked for a minimum of 10 years.

In Summary

Reflectocoin intends to deliver on its promise of being a breath of fresh air going by its market proposition―Exponential Reflections. The coin is founded on a protocol that promotes liquidity generation and seamless yield farming while also exploting the DeFi capabilities of BSC. Investors usually bank on long-term rewards, but Reflecto has made them look forward to both short and long-term rewards―an accumulated 26% returns on holding valuation of an infinitely utilitarian token for every holder of the token.

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