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All You Need To Know About Different Bedside Tables

Bedside Tables

A nightstand is a small table or cabinet that may also be used as a night table, bedside table, daystand, or bedside cabinet. It is intended to be placed next to a bed or anywhere else in a bedroom. Modern nightstands are often compact side tables with one or occasionally two or more drawers, shelves, and less frequently, a tiny door.

Bedside tables are the most practical choice for keeping everything in the bedroom within reach. The bed is unquestionably the most significant aspect of your bedroom’s décor, but side tables are also crucial to completing the room’s style and offering much-needed storage space for necessities close at hand.

Elegant bedside table designs enhance your space’s aesthetics and practicality. They may be utilised to store and display a wide range of objects, including lamps, books, glasses, candles, prescriptions, remote controls, and even a glass of water. By keeping everything organised and within easy reach, they improve the general comfort of your bedroom. In addition to being practical, side tables frame the bed in your room, creating aesthetic harmony across the whole design and area.

It’s critical to choose a side table that complements your bed and room because they are available in a wide range of forms, sizes, styles, materials, and finishes. We have a large selection of side tables at Interwood, and our knowledgeable sales staff can help you choose the right one for your house. If you want to easily update your complete room, we also have a number of matching bed and side table sets. So therefore below are the different types of the side table

Wooden bedside table

The use of natural materials to make wooden bedside tables gives any bedroom a cosy and welcoming atmosphere. That is why they are so adored by everyone. They will provide a wonderful touch to your sleeping area. Discover dark hardwood side tables in slate and teal tones with brushed brass, natural cane, and polished metal accessories, which are available in several shapes.

Are you prepared to upgrade your sleeping space? Check out the wooden bedside tables for something timeless and traditional; they’ll give your room a cosy, organic feel without drawing attention away from your bedding. For a stunning piece of furniture, check out our mango wood, earthy industrial designs. Alternatively, if you’d want to try something a bit different, give your bedroom a modern accent with slate blue or go for a retro style with slender curves, engraved details, and brass. There is no better spot to conceal all of your belongings than a side table with large drawers.

Wall mounted Bedside Table

For compact rooms, floating wall mount bedside tables are a fantastic solution. Compared to traditional ones, they are often smaller and appear lighter. They also come in minimalist and contemporary styles that may give a lot of individuality to your bedroom. Compared to furniture that is supported by the ground or a few potatoes, floating furniture offers us a few benefits. The biggest one is that they make the soil visible, which not only gives the impression of more room but also makes cleaning easier.

They provide the space in which they have installed a greater sense of openness. As a result, they make the perfect furnishings for compact places. They don’t take up much room. Since the great majority of floating models are tiny, you may put them in tight spaces where a normal table won’t fit. We are permitted to comfortably mop the floor. They make it easier to regularly clean the space because they are raised. Passing the mop, vacuum, or broom beneath the floating bedside table is more comfortable. They are highly ornamental. They add a unique touch to the space by deviating from the conventional tables. Additionally, they frequently include contemporary and minimalist designs.

Mirrored Bedside Table

Mirrored furniture may be an excellent addition to your home and blend in with any design or style that is currently present. A mirrored side table’s sparkling exterior may really brighten up almost any room in your house. It may surely give the impression that a dim room is brighter without being too bright or increasing your power costs.

Regardless of how your home is currently laid up or how trends alter, mirrored side tables may fit in. You won’t need to renovate your entire bedroom, which can save you money. Mirrored furniture has still another benefit: it may help make almost any space feel bigger than it actually is. 

It will require scrubbing and additional cleaning agents if anything spills on it. Even stains may result. Furniture made using mirrors is free of this issue. All that is required for routine maintenance is a dustcloth, followed by a quick wipe-down with glass cleaner on days when more thorough cleaning is required. Mirrored furniture sets are the way to go for simple upkeep. Even just the time saved on cleaning is valuable.

LED Bedside Table

The bedside table with RGB LED lighting. Every night, changeable lighting effects are with you. bring you a relaxing experience in life. A modern, elegant, and straightforward high-gloss drawer design, the overall lovely environment, a smooth and wear-resistant surface, and ease of maintenance are all examples of simplicity in action. It will not only create a lovely atmosphere, but it will also prevent you from having to buy additional nightlights or bedside lamps. Additionally, there is a top storage section that opens like a treasure chest and has a lift-up cover, which you may appropriately fill with your own unique treasures.

Sets of 2 Bedside Table

If you want to balance the style and aesthetics of your home, you truly need two side tables. A single side table can serve as the room’s focal point and accent. However, two side tables with various designs may give a bedroom a distinctive appearance. Your bedroom might benefit from the balance and aesthetic strength provided by two side tables. Depending on how you want your bedroom to appear and how much space you have, you may not actually need two bedside tables.

Your bedtime ritual may become relaxing and soothing if your critical items are conveniently located when you are getting ready for bed. Furthermore, you never know what you might need in the early morning or in the middle of the night.

A room is more functional and balanced when two side tables are present. A pair of bedside tables strengthens and concentrates the plan by drawing attention to the bed, which serves as the room’s main point. The bedroom is balanced by two identical side tables, one on either side of the bed. Additionally, if you live with a partner, you should both have a spot to store all of your necessary evening stuff.


After all the types that are explained in the blog, you will be able to understand the functions of each and may be able to go with the best decision of adding a specific one in your room so therefore you can visit mattress offers for the best bedside tables. 


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