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All you need to know about Conference of Parties (COP26)

Some weeks ago, Greta Thunberg and others noted that COP26 was a massive failure. Following this submission, numerous experts are also voicing their opinions about how ineffective such meetings have become in recent times. Held in Scotland, the 2021’s meeting offered more problems than solutions.

According to some important statistics, around 400 private planes took businesspeople to the conference. Unfortunately, these planes released about 13,000 tons of CO2, which is quite larger than the amount of CO2 emitted by 1,600 Scottish residents every year.

While commenting on the conference, Monica Lennon, a Scottish Parliament member, claimed that it is hypocritical to be traveling around with CO2-emitting private planes while supposedly trying to solve climate issues. The actions of these business attendants have shown that they don’t care about the ongoing climate emergency.

What does COP26 mean?

Basically, COP means Conference of the Parties which is often held annually. The UN conference is usually attended by nations that signed a 1994 treaty called the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

It should be noted that COP26 is the latest edition of this annual conference. Hosted in Glasgow, Scotland, the conference was meant to hold in 2020 but was postponed to 2021 because of the coronavirus pandemic. It finally took place from 1 to 12 November 2021. Various decisions were made at the conference, and many of them could affect the everyday lives of many individuals around the world.

Lack of new developments in science

Although we have lots of new gadgets today, there has not been any significant development in science in the last 50 years. The majority of the scientific developments available today were developed several decades ago. However, we have only been upgrading, improving, and correcting them to better our lives.

However, we tend to be dealing with the illusion of tackling the challenge. Lots of conferences, seminars, research, protests, expert discussions, etc. are going on, but none has been able to proffer reliable solutions. Nowadays, we only discuss the problems and their causes without doing much to solve them.

Therefore, there is a need for us to develop new, effective solutions. Greener energy must be provided to take care of our energy needs without exposing us to toxic emissions.

Roberto Hroval and the Themis Ecosystem could be the solution we need

Roberto Hroval is a trusted expert who is popular for using special approaches and solutions to provide green technologies. As he launched Project Phoenix8, this European entrepreneur might have found a solution to our green energy challenges. With the aid of this project, there is a solution to the issues associated with waste. Project Phoenix8 does not rely on weather sources nor uses any potentially toxic nuclear energy.

After a while, Roberto Hroval took the solution to another level by launching the Themis Ecosystem, which is a US$22 billion project. Through the Themis Ecosystem, you can reduce or eliminate harmful CO2 emissions in your personal life or family without having to make any significant lifestyle changes. It encourages people to adopt green life and nature preservation to spend less, drive electric cars, and do other things that will reduce CO2 emissions around the world. 

While enjoying the benefits of this project, you can also make tons of money to improve the quality of your life.

Themis Ecosystem features a wide range of elements, and the Online Industrial Exchange (OIX) is one of them. On OIX, people trade special e-vouchers called Industrial Tokens (iTos).

How does Themis Ecosystem deal with global issues?

On the Themis Ecosystem, the Industrial Tokens (iTos) are founded, provided, and traded by the users. On this ecosystem, various stringent rules are offered to determine:

  • The companies that can issue the Industrial Tokens
  • The circumstances under which the companies can issue tokens
  • The circumstances for accepting the companies into the Themis Ecosystem
  • The conditions for listing the companies on the OIX Exchange
  • The technology must have been tested and already offering solutions that address the global challenge and also deal with CO2 emissions

These rules will play a key role in ensuring that the ecosystem is well-regulated. They will also boost the confidence of the stakeholders in the efficiency of the project.

The founder Roberto Hroval talked more about the project. He noted that, apart from setting up OIX, algorithms, and supportive factors, the first step is to look for the right projects. He continued to establish that Project Phoenix8 (PP8), which is a waste-to-energy project, was suitable for it. He claimed that the process functions exceptionally without commissions or brokers. According to Hroval, the Themis Ecosystem works directly to reduce CO2 in the environment, tackles global challenges, and improves the prosperity of people and businesses.

How does Industrial Token (iTo) work?

One of the innovations of Roberto Hroval is Industrial Token (iTo). The value of the Industrial Token depends on the distribution of the value of created products within a pre-determined number of tokens as well as the level of CO2 negativity produced by the project. Since the number of tokens doesn’t change, there is an organic increase in their price.

However, there can never be a major improvement if individuals don’t get some noticeable benefits from the project. Hroval noted that the biggest climate change enthusiasts and protests cannot make any difference. The general public must support the change to make it permanent.

Roberto Hroval believes that his technologies can bring much-needed improvement that will encourage many people to support the change in different industries. These industries include environment and waste, housing, energy, IT, nutrition, health, and transport. Notably, Themis Ecosystem provides everything that is needed for this change.

The team of Themis Ecosystem has more than 25 years of experience in providing important solutions in different sectors. With its familiarity with world-class technology, this team is set to make a big difference in the market. So, the founder of Themis Ecosystem is encouraging everyone to join forces with the team to make the world a greener place.

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