All You Need To Know About All Terrain Electric Bikes

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If you’re thinking about trying out an all terrain electric bike, but don’t know where to begin, then you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll go through everything you need to know about all terrain electric bikes, off-road electric bikes, and fat tire electric bikes.

We’ll cover the advantages of fat tire electric bikes over other bicycle varieties, while also going into some specific features that you may want to consider when buying an all terrain ebike. Electric bikes are still somewhat new, but new models are coming out with increasing frequency. So if you’re in the market for an all terrain or off-road electric bike, there are many that you can choose from.

What Is A Fat Tire Electric Bike?

A fat tire electric bike (or e-bike) is a bicycle with an electric motor and large tires for off-road use. The fat tire is part of a specialized suspension system to help absorb the bumps and shocks of riding on dirt, gravel, sand, or virtually any other non-smooth terrain. Fat tire e-bikes are a great option for people who enjoy cycling, but also like to explore or ride off the beaten path.

Fat Tire Vs. Thin Tire

While traditional, thin tire bikes are often great for paved surfaces, they’re not well suited for off-road riding. Even mountain bikes with big, treaded tires aren’t ideal for off-road riding because they don’t have enough clearance for obstacles like rocks, roots, and other rough terrains. The reason for this is that mountain bike wheels are designed to be narrow and lightweight so that they can easily fit between rocks and other obstacles when riding on the trail.

Fat tires (like what you’d find on an all-terrain or off-road electric bike), on the other hand, have a much greater tire width and are designed to take on a wider range of terrain. Fat tires are usually at least 4″ in width. They’re designed to provide more cushioning and traction than thin tires and are much better at handling rough terrains, such as trails with loose rocks, sand, or mud.

Fat tire bikes also offer a significant amount of stability, which is very useful for ebikes. Because fat tires have more contact with the ground than traditional thin tire mountain bikes, they’re more stable when climbing up steep inclines or descending down a hill. This is because they have more traction to help you stay balanced and keep you from tipping over when going uphill or going downhill at high speeds.

Is Fat Tire Ebikes Worth It?

If you’re an avid cyclist that likes to explore the great outdoors or just want to take your bike off-road for a change of scenery, then fat tire e-bikes are probably right up your alley. Naturally, they aren’t as cheap as thin tire bikes, but you get what you pay for. Hemingway fat tire electric bikes are built with quality parts and components that can last you years or even decades of riding if taken care of properly. They’re also more versatile and can handle just about any kind of terrain you can throw at it (with the proper gear).

Top 5 Reasons To Buy An All Terrain Fat Tire Ebike

If you remain unsure if an all-terrain electric bike is right for you, then here are some of the main reasons to consider buying one:

1. They’re Great For Off Road Trips

Whether it’s for a one-hour ride through a local trail or a multi-day adventure through some of the country’s most scenic backroads, fat tire e-bikes are the perfect solution for getting out and about. They’re great for taking your bike on dirt trails and even better at tackling off-road obstacles such as rocks, roots, and even mud.

2. They’re Great For On Road Trips

If you’re looking for a great all-around electric bicycle that can handle both on and off-road trips, then an all-terrain ebike is a perfect choice. These bikes can handle just about any terrain and are built to handle it with ease. Hemingway fat tire ebikes especially can handle most road conditions better than both traditional street bikes and other ebikes.

3. They’re Great For Riding In The City

An ebike works really well for city riding because they’re easy to manoeuvre around tight spaces and they handle the unpredictable conditions that come with riding a bicycle in a large city much better than a traditional bicycle would. They also offer an excellent workout and can be a reliable mode of transportation as well as daily exercise.

4. They’ll Take You Far

There are fat tire ebikes on the market with batteries that will allow you to travel up to 80 miles per charge. If you plan on using your ebike for long rides or even commuting to work every day, this is an excellent feature to have.

5. They’re Stable & Smooth

Fat tire ebikes offer a smooth ride because they’re so stable. They have wide tires that allow them to handle the roughest of terrains while also providing an extremely smooth ride that’s easy on your body. This means less stress on your joints and muscles, making fat tire ebikes a great choice for those with previous or lingering injuries.

Which Fat Tire Ebikes Are The Best?

If you’re looking for an all-terrain ebike then you’re in luck, because you have plenty of options. It’s important that you choose a bike that’s right for you, based on your budget, your riding style and your intended use.

Himiway ebikes come in many different types and configurations. You can find all terrain and fat tire ebikes with very powerful batteries and ranges from 60 to 80 miles in them. They also come with removable rear racks (for better transportability), coil suspension, and many other useful features.

What’s The Ideal Tire Size For An All Terrain Electric Bike?

Electric bikes come with fat tires. But how fat is “fat” when it comes to ebike tires? Typically, all terrain electric bikes come with 20” by 4” tires. The tire diameter may vary, but 4 inches is usually the minimum width for a fat tire ebike.

Occasionally, you might find an off-road electric bike with tires in excess of the usual 20 x 4 specification. The Himiway Cobra PRO electric mountain bike, for example, comes with a “Super Fat Tire” that measures at 26” by 4.8”, which optimizes it for especially rough off-road terrain.

What Makes 20 x 4 Such A Good Size For All Terrain Ebike Tires?

The ideal size of your ebike tire depends on many factors, including body size and type, and what type of trails you plan to ride on with your ebike. But 20″ by 4″ tires are usually considered to be the standard size because they offer enough clearance for most trails while also providing a smooth ride on city pavement.


Fat tire e-bikes are great because they offer more traction than traditional mountain bikes while also being able to take on almost any kind of trail or road that you might encounter during your travels. If you’re looking for an all terrain ebike that can tackle almost any type of terrain then Himiway offers some of the best options on the market.

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