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All the latest news of desert safari in Dubai

It is available on the official website. You can find all the necessary information about locations and activities like quad biking, camel riding, dune bashing, and sand boarding. The website also provides directions to the desert safari spots so you know exactly where to go. Once you are there, the Dubai desert safari team provides all the necessary gear and instructions for enjoying your desert adventure safely.

Desert safari tour activities

Desert safari activities begin with a short ride to the desert observation point. After that, you will be on an exciting drive through the dunes on a 4×4 vehicle or buggy. During this thrilling journey, you can witness some fantastic views of nature, including the sun setting on the horizon.

Desert safari Dubai states rules

 Among these rules, the first and foremost is that you must wear your seatbelt during the safari tour. In addition, it is advised that visitors dress appropriately for the environment by wearing loose clothing and light colors. Also, you should be aware of any dangerous wildlife that may be encountered in the desert, such as venomous snakes or scorpions.

After the thrilling dune bashing is complete, you will be taken to a campsite deep in the desert, where you can enjoy a traditional barbeque dinner with some live entertainment.

Desert safari Dubai tour cost

Desert safari price is also very affordable. So if you want to experience a thrilling and safe desert adventure, book your desert safari tour today and get ready for the best outdoor experience of your life. Enjoy!

Desert safari Location in Dubai

Desert safari tours are mainly conducted in the vast desert of Dubai, located in the eastern region of the Arabian Peninsula. The best locations for a desert safari adventure include Al Ain, Liwa Desert’s rolling dunes, and Red Dune Safari near Al Huderiyat Island. These locations offer a fantastic opportunity to explore the unique beauty of the desert with plenty of exciting experiences like dune bashing, sunset and sunrise tours, quad biking, sailing over sandboards, camel riding, and many more.

How to book a desert safari online way?

Desert safari tours can be booked online on the official websites of tour operators in Dubai.  It is wise to arrive at the pick-up point on time to avoid inconvenience.

Safety measures for desert safari tours

Desert safari tours are thrilling and fantastic fun. However, it is essential to remember that safety should always be your priority. Ensure that you follow all the safety rules and regulations the tour operator provides.


In short, with plenty of activities, stunning views, and affordable tour packages, a VIP Desert safari Dubai tour is an unforgettable experience in your memory forever. So book your tour today and have a fantastic time exploring the golden dunes of Dubai!



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