All the dog meme coins already circulating around the world, Is there still room for VINU?

Is the appearance of meme coins just the tokenization of memes? Are there other stages for these coins to play? The meme coin Vita Inu(VINU), which has once skyrocketed 60% a few months ago, attracted a lot of attention and popularity in the community, BitYard is pleased to host an AMA with them.

VINU is unique among meme coins because they are fast, feeless, and energy efficient. In general, the trending dog coins were lacking viral tokens. This meant that none of these coins in the market were fast or feeless, and lacked native smart contracts. Vinu stepped in to fill the gap and made VINU a  truly accessible meme coin that everyone can use immediately, without having to have another token to pay for fees.

Most meme coins are built on blockchains that require mining. The Vinu team doesn’t require any mining because they build VINU on Vite which means that VINU is comparatively much more energy efficient, and much greener than other meme tokens

Additionally, unlike most meme coins, they are deeply committed to transparency. Vinu makes clear announcements of all their key decisions and communicates to their members. They are also committed to paying community volunteers who make up the extended project team fairly. This is opposed to many meme coins that don’t pay their community volunteers, and who even exploit their labor.

In addition, they’re launching their very own Decentralised Exchange (DEX), called the VINUSwap. It will allow users to swap to and fro VINU easily, without having to go through Centralised Exchanges. They will also launch a governance platform, and allow VINU holders to vote on key decisions. Gradually, VINU will evolve into a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation.

Vinu team these decisions allow users who love VINU to be fully informed that their decisions are always transparent and fully communicated, which has contributed to the rapid popularity of VINU.This makes people look forward to the other impact VINU can have on the crypto market compared to other meme coins.

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