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All-inclusive App Stary Disrupts The Publishing Industry Through Digitization

Stary Writing

Stary has practically brought the future of the intellectual property industry to the present with the storytelling platform allowing different categories of writers across several genres to reach an international audience, irrespective of their location, nationality, or language. The all-inclusive app looks poised to create accomplished authors who will reach millions of readers worldwide without having to break the bank for international publishing deals.

The Global Publishing Industry

The global publishing industry has undoubtedly evolved over the years, with several companies emerging to meet the diverse needs of writers and readers. Technological advancements and increased penetration of the internet have further helped the growth of the industry, allowing readers to access their favorite content through smart mobile devices anywhere they are in the world. Unfortunately, many of the available publishing tools have not particularly addressed the varying concerns of writers looking to reach a global audience. However, the team at Stary is looking to change the narrative by leveraging technology to challenge the status quo and help writers monetize their stories.

Features And Benefits Of Stary

The Stary ecosystem has several platforms designed to help content creators reach a wider audience across the globe. The platforms include the Slash mobile app from Dreame Media, Ringdom Story, and Stary Writing app and web platforms.

The platform looks to create 6-figure entrepreneurs from writers across the globe, offering diverse writers a comfortable space to maximize their full potential by providing tools to publish and monetize their stories. Stray has already helped in publishing over 300,000 books, reaching a massive audience of more than 100 million readers across over 130 regions and countries in different parts of the world.

Stary has a user-friendly interface to meet the diverse needs of writers, whether they are trying to win a writing contest or they desire to establish a devoted army of readers. The platform is designed for all levels of writers, including first-time writers and experienced authors across different genres. Stary is particularly unique as it hosts writing competitions that give writers a chance to win up to $100K in each contest. 

Another feature of the publishing platform is the free advertising that readers get on Facebook, helping authors reach their target audience with relative ease by posting their works on the most relevant sub-apps to gain the most readership, with partnerships with notable writing and reading platforms.

Stary also ensures that writers can start earning from their works almost immediately, as they get paid once they publish over 3000 words to the platform. The 3000-words milestone allows writers to start working with Stary to come up with a contract that details their earnings and the commission fee, with authors enjoying a flexible rate on commissions.

The storytelling platform offers a win-win scenario for all the stakeholders, with readers receiving the first few chapters of their desired book for free, allowing them to have a feel of the piece before parting ways with their money. Interested readers are subsequently required to buy in-app currency to finish the book.

In addition to serving as a multilingual reading platform, Stary also offers a wide range of innovative solutions to take writers to the highest echelon in their career. Other features of the platform include one-stop writing and marketing service, technical support, a team of professional editors, content distribution, and derivative works adaptation. The platform offers localization editorial services in English, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Filipino, Bahasa Indonesia, Vietnamese, and a host of international languages.

Stary has stayed true to the belief of giving every person the freedom and equal opportunity to express their creativity and has continued to enjoy rave reviews from thousands of writers and readers worldwide.

For more information about Stary and how to be a part of the writing and publishing revolution, please visit – Stary can also be found across social media, including Facebook and YouTube.

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