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My own water is a custom-labeled bottled water company. My own water is working now for more than 23 years in the bottled water business and Crystal Beverage has become one of the leaders in private label bottled water production. My own water has vertically integrated into a 150,000 square foot state-of-the-art factory also it has the ability to work with clients whether they need 12 cases or more than 12 million cases. So many companies be it the large ones or be it the small ones have entrusted My own water for the business. Basically, My own water has boasted the highest retention rates in the whole of the industry.

Let us look for some facts and figures about the water used in different countries. In the United States of America bottled water accounts for less than 0.01 percent each year. In California bottled water accounts for only 0.02 percent each year. My own water is a company with a custom label bottled water with the perfect promotional item for the business, organization, as well as various different and unique events. My own water company supplies the products to many hotels, restaurants, car dealerships, fitness clubs, golf courses, real estate agents, lawyers, also to many more businesses with their personalized bottled water.

Basically, My own water, which is a custom water bottle company comes in various sizes, designs, styles, as well as types of bottled water. Majorly, My own water offers the following bottled water types:

  1. My own water provides purified water
  2. natural spring water is also provided by My own water
  3. The alkaline water is provided by the My own water company
  4. My own water provides electrolyte enhanced water. 

My own water has 5 different and unique bottle sizes that range from 8 oz up to 33 oz along with this the My own water also has different bottle styles that are from regular, bullet also the custom made. For some of the high quality custom labels, My own water print their own labels on their Heidelberg Digital Imaging press with Full color, which is a 4 C Process plus there is no extra charge at all. It is also been said that the labels of the My own water are 100 percent waterproof, which will not come off the bottle even when soaked in ice water.

The My own water serves for the co-packing and custom blow molding services also. My own water is now not just a custom label bottled water company anymore it now is also offering co-packing water bottling as well as custom blow molding services to the businesses. Basically, the beverage industry is constantly growing day by day and My own water is adding some new products and major functionalities in order to meet the various different and unique needs of the customers. Plus, in addition to this, My own water is also serving the Regenerate Bottle, which is ultimately made up of up to 50 percent of the recycled plastic that helps in reducing the carbon footprints or the poor impacts of the human beings on the environment.

The following are some of the major or primary products that are being provided by the My own water:

My own water can produce the following types of personalized beverages for the custom as well as the private label water needs:

1) Purified Water 

Basically, the purified water is being processed by reverse osmosis, carbon along with the micro-filtration of the water. This is done for the customer along with the private label water needs. Also, the purified water by the My own water is made up of the U V treatment along with the ozonation which appears to be in clear, crisp fresh-tasting bottled water. Also, this bottled water is liked by so many customers as well as many types of the businesses.

2) Natural Spring Water

The natural spring water is recently declared one of the Best Tasting Water in the World. This natural spring water is provided by the My own water on the custom or private label. The My own water gets the natural spring water from protected California springs that are considered to surpass the FDA regulations for purity and is the freshest, best-tasting spring water.

3) Electrolyte Enhanced Water 

Furthermore, the electrolyte-enhanced water is made up of the traced minerals that are added to the specifications of the customers or businesses.

4) Alkaline Water

Moreover, the alkaline water is made up of the Increased PH value of the water. 

The following are some of the styles and sizes of the custom bottles that come in 3 styles and 5 sizes:

  1. The Regular size bottles that are stocked with ribbed bottles
  2. The Bullet is a sleek looking bottle with no ribs at all
  3. The Custom bottle uses blow molding to the desired design by the customers or businesses. 

The following are some of the sizes of all bottle styles that are made by My own water, the styles come in  8oz, 12 oz, 16 oz, 23 oz, or 33 oz sizes.

Do you still have some questions in mind? Do you still need to ask something about the bottled water by My own water? If yes! Then you can visit this link and get all your queries resolved in one go.

Other than elevating the brand with great tasting, affordable private label water, continually utilizing personalize water bottles the My own water also prevents customers as well as businesses from having health issues along with being dehydrated. So, go and get bottled water from My own water. With this bottled water one can increase the fluid intake to stay hydrated and fit. Also, one can buy personalized bottled water to promote the business for a special occasion or on regular days? One can get desired perfect choice of bottled water because My own water can customize the bottled water.

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