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Monopolon is a unique game with exciting features, modes and characters that allows the players to have fun while earning some money. This gamer needs to be understood properly to play it and make the best of it. Let’s look at what the world of Monopolon is all about.


 Monopolon Board

  •   Quest PVE
  •  3 vs 3 PVP
  • World Boss/ Sector Boss
  •  Clan Wars
  •  Marketplace
  •  NFTs Character Rental
  •  Breeding NFTs

Monopolon Board:

A Monopolon Board consists of the following:

  •  A total of 125 Grid Square.
  • There are 5 different unique sectors.
  •  25 grids per each sector.

Event encounters on grids:

1x Pass GO

80 x player mine

5 x Sector Boss

9 x Sector Boss

10 x Community Chest

10 x Chance

5 x Wandering Merchant

5 x Jail

Grid encounters in Monopolon Board: In the following, players can either choose to mine in a particular territory and win battles against bosses, earn free dice rolls etc.

  •  Player Mine
  • Wandering Merchant
  • Sector Boss
  •  Mini Boss
  • Pass GO
  •   Get Jail locked up

Community Chest:

  1. Tax Man: For taxing the upcoming mining session by 10% to gain 2 rerolls
  2.  Feed the Dragon: Paying MGM in contributing the summon of the world boss.
  3.  Coupons: For gaining discounts etc.
  4.  Get arrested: For going to the jail cell.
  5. Wild hunt: A journey to nearby sectors


  1. New Dice: Gain 2 rerolls
  2.  Teleporter: Choose a tile to teleport
  3.  Lottery: Gain 200 MGM
  4. Airdrop: Get a free drop of any item.
  5.  Mount Piece: Get a mount piece for free.

Quest PVE:

Players can unlock quest PVE to enjoy the gameplay and can earn unique MGMs by completing the quest.

PVP- 3v3 player vs player:

Players can test their character, skills and power against other players in this mode. On the basis of their performance, they can climb their way up on the ranking board. When the rise to the topmost position, they can earn many MGMs and powerful equipments.

World Boss: In this mode of Monopolon, players can fight the world boss in a group with other players. They can also win rewards on the basis of the degree of damage caused to the World boss. And can earn powerful equipments from it.

Clan Wars: Another interesting feature of Monopolon is Clan wars. Players can join a clan and battle against other players. They can also win exclusive Clan Mount and other exciting rewards of you take your clan to the top.


It is a system for selling equipments or NFT characters. Players can also trade with each other in the marketplace. They can also earn from trading or selling equipments and NFT characters. It also acts as a comprehensive search function for finding some specific things.

NFT Character Rentals:

The player can put the idle NFTs to work. They can also rent it for defending while mining. It also allows you to earn MGM.

Breeding System:

It allows the player to earn with the help of breeding NFT characters. The player can also increase the breeding NFT characters yourself.


  • Sectors:
  1.  Amazonians
  2. Bynans
  3.  Jacknights
  4.  Muskteers
  5. Zuckarians
  •  Race:
  1.  Citizens of Crypto City
  2. Citizens of Cultural City
  3. Citizens of Meta City
  4. Citizens of Sakura City
  5. Citizens of Space City
  • Class:
  1.  Guardian: It is used when the player wants to define their own mines. It also helps in keeping the heroes safe and repelling any sort of raiding enemies. However, they also are sometimes slow and less attacking at the time of combat. Thus, they are not ideal for invasions.
  2.   Miner: It is used primarily for mining missions. It is capable of gathering more resources but are less effective when it comes to attacking and defending. But they can definitely steal more resources from an enemy if they survive on a raid.
  3. Raider: It is used primarily for invading the mines of enemies. They are also capable of dealing in any case of damage to enemy heroes and defenses. These are not really good during defense or mining activities. At least one hero is required to start an invasion.
  •  Rarity: 

    The rarity of a hero not only determines the stats but also plays an important role in having bonus unique skills.

  1.  Common: These have only 0.5 stat multipliers and no bonus passive skills.
  2. Epic: These have only 1.2 stat multiplier and 100% chance for a single passive skill and 30% chance for two passive skills.
  3.  Legend: These have 1.5 stat multipliers and 100% chance for 1 and 70% chance for two passive skills.
  4. Mythic: These have 2 stat multipliers and 100% chance for 1, 75% chance for 2, 25% chance for 3 passive skills
  5. Rare: These have only 1 stat multiplier and 50% chance for one passive skill.
  •  Passive Skill:

    The skills which characters have in addition to the normal stats. It can be continuous like an aura or are beneficial at the time of combat. Some specific characters will have their own passive skills built in:
  1. Avarice: All miners gain a bonus of 30% MP during invasions
  2.  Dark Fury: -5% max HP but +10% STR to the whole party.
  3. Divine Grace: It has a 10% effect on healing the whole party on an attack.
  4. Lock Down: It gives a 5% chance for disabling all Turrets on a 10 second attack.
  5. Miner’s Revenge: All miners gain a bonus of 30% STR when a party member dies.
  6. Terrorize: It reduces the enemy timer by 10 seconds when a enemy hero gets killed at the time of defense. And on invasion, it reduces all enemy STR by 10% whenever the player kills an enemy hero.
  •   Stats: These determine how good or bad a hero performs at the time of mining or invasions. Different types of stats will reward various team composition and strategies to the players.
  1. STR: It increases the damage of a hero by 2.
  2. PREP: Each point increases the match timer by 2 seconds.
  3. MP: Each point increases the hero’s mining bonus by 2%
  4. LUK: Each point increases the chance for to proc a passive by 1% and goes upto maximum 75%
  5. HP: It increases the hero’s HP by 10
  6. DEX: It reduces the attack timer for the hero by 10 seconds.


There are five different equipment slots in the game of Monopolon namely Loot type, Helmet, Armour, Shoes, Weapon, Wings


When you play the game of Monopolon, you have three primary game modes available to you. These are:

  •  Mining
  • Invasion
  • Boss Fights

The loot given in these modes are also of the following three types:

  •  Currency
  • Equipment
  • Mount Drops
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