All About BlindsMagic Motorized Electric Shades

Electric shades, often referred to as motorized shades or automated blinds, are window coverings that may be raised or lowered with the use of a remote control, smartphone applications, or smart home automation systems. These blinds improve safety by doing away with cables, and they are convenient, especially for big or difficult-to-reach windows.

Electric blinds that are integrated with smart home settings may be set up to adjust automatically, maximizing natural light and temperature management to improve energy efficiency. They match any indoor decor and offer UV protection and privacy.

They are also available in a variety of fabrics and different shade levels for all types of windows. Electric blinds are a useful and fashionable addition to contemporary homes and workplaces due to their blend of beauty and usefulness. Let us first explore how these modern electric shades by BlindsMagic works:

How do electric shades work?

Instead of the conventional manual pull mechanism, motorized roller blinds employ a tubular motor integrated inside the roller tube. These BlindsMagic blinds, which are operated via remotes, smartphone applications, or smart home automation systems, let customers effortlessly change their window coverings while they’re away.

You can gently raise or lower your shades with a single click. These BlindsMagic blinds are not only strong and stylish, but they are also easy to use which makes them user-friendly. These Motorized electric shades by BlindsMagic have 4 types of different blinds. Have a look at these so you can choose according to your choice.


Types of motorized electric shades

A range of motor alternatives are available from BlindsMagic to improve the functionality and convenience of their blinds. With the help of the basic motor’s straightforward remote control operation, customers may quickly and simply change the blinds to their preferred settings. The Alexa Smart Motor offers two control choices for those seeking more sophisticated features: it may be operated with a conventional remote or seamlessly managed by voice commands through integration with five different voice assistants.

In order to provide users with more control choices, the Zigbee Smart Motor expands interoperability by seamlessly connecting with smart home systems like SmartThings, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. And lastly, the HomeKit Smart Motor is renowned for being incredibly user-friendly. By only scanning a QR code, consumers can link their iPhones to HomePods and operate the blinds.

Why are BlindsMagic electric blinds the best?

Here are the reasons why you should choose BlindsMagic whenever you think about electric shades or blinds:


With motorized blinds, you can open, close, or adjust them without using physical cables or wands by using a remote, smartphone app, or home automation system. This convenience is especially useful in regions that are difficult to access or have huge windows.

Energy Efficient

In order to maximize natural light and heat gain, motorized blinds may be set to open and close at certain times of the day. This can assist control internal temperatures and save energy use. Over time, this function may help to reduce the cost of heating and cooling.

Fit for pets and kids

Since motorized blinds don’t require cables, there is a lower chance of accidents, which is particularly important in homes with small children or pets. They are therefore a safer alternative to conventional blinds with cables that may strangle a person or a pet.


Due to its ease of use using a remote control or smartphone app, motorized blinds are accessible to all people, even those with impairments or mobility challenges. The blinds can be freely operated by every member of the household thanks to this accessibility.

Privacy and security

You may configure motorized blinds to open and close even while you’re not home, creating the impression that someone is there. You may also change them from a distance to improve privacy by keeping intruders from seeing inside your house.

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