Alium.Finance: Year in Review and Plans for 2022


The year 2022 has already come into its own, and Alium.Finance, a multi-blockchain decentralized AMM exchange with NFT’s, has already created a growing buzz within AliumCommunity. The project continues gaining momentum and is ready to share ambitious plans for this year.

Just as 2020 was the year of DeFi, and 2021 has been a breakthrough year for NFT and Play-to-Earn games, the GameFi space might likely continue to boom and skyrocket in 2022 as it spans two huge and exciting worlds: gaming and finance.

Let’s take another look at how much Alium.Finance has achieved over the past year. They were able to achieve most of the goals of the roadmap. They launched Alium.Finance MultiChain DEX with support of 4 blockchains, them being Binance Smart Chains, HECO, Polygon, ETH, and performed a full audit.

Particularly noteworthy are the project’s marketing efforts, which are currently focused on preparing for major launches of the DEX mobile app, bridging, farming, strong holder pools, and NFT Gaming. The team behind Alium.Finance is also planning an extensive marketing campaign for the Asian markets not only to help their partners get noticed in

those regions but also expand and strengthen their own marketing, as Asia is now an incredibly attractive and undervalued market. These exciting events will be important milestones in terms of the marketing strategy and promotion.

The year 2022 is expected to be inspiring and meaningful for the community and crypto enthusiasts in general. Of particular note is the information that the project is planning to open their own lands in the Metaverse, where the community will communicate with each other, attend thematic meetups, discuss tokens and various events in the crypto and GameFi space.

Do not forget about the project’s unique NFT-based game Cyber City, which will also receive some functionality in the Metaverse. The Alium project’s development team is continuing to work on improving the functions and features of the platform. A redesign and rebranding of the website are also expected, which will receive some gamification. The seasoned and passionate team of specialists behind Alium.Finance assures everyone all the expectations will be definitely worth it.

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