Alina Strogonova of Muvon Payments: Digital Transfer Adoption is E-commerce Cornerstone.

Digital Transfer Adoption

E-commerce is great – it allows sellers and buyers thousands of miles away from each other to connect. However, it is always important to remember that payments are one of the major pieces of the trade puzzle. They build consumer trust and make sure they will return to purchase more, but that’s not all. Payments also attract new customers and have a major play in scaling the business as a whole. If your customer can’t make a payment, how will you increase the revenue? 

Customers demand perfect execution these days – reliable and quick money transfers give an opportunity for retail companies and marketplaces to grow faster. After all, payment gateways that don’t run into errors improve user experience and accelerate the development as a whole. Furthermore, they build trust and connection with the consumer. Put yourself in the shoes of your client. Will complex purchasing processes and payment failures lead to more buying action? Probably not. You will just turn to a competitor that simply has everything built just right. This logic should apply when the business analyses its metrics in an effort to increase conversion rate. 

However, without a proper plan, it’s hard to achieve flawless payments. The plan has a little chance of being realised if there is an absence of the tech infrastructure and people that can quickly improve and release new features and updates. After all, the world is evolving much faster than before, and every business must keep up with the changes. New products are entering the market almost every day, and that also includes e-commerce. Thus, if the company strives to be on top of the game, it’s vital to pay attention to the trade practices. 

Thus, if the company truly wants to be successful in the e-commerce world, it’s important to identify the foundation of the payment operations. Let’s begin with implementing the banking solution. Fast and secure payments demand a bank-grade integration that will be good enough to process consumer payments worldwide. Quick verification and law-compliant settlements of inbound and outbound transactions are pivotal for every online shop.  

Take a look at modern e-commerce platforms. Amazon surely influenced the development of the field in general, but smaller platforms like Shopify or Etsy offered a different approach – new business models and shop creation. Anyone can use Etsy to sell and purchase goods, but it’s the payment solution that takes care of transferring the money at ease. Such shopping platforms heavily rely on quick and secure payments, which not only provide a great user experience but also raise user loyalty. 

An option to accept digital transfers is also vital. Yet, to be integrated at ease, it should let customers purchase goods in local currency or offer a universal, scalable solution for multi-currency transfers since the firm is aiming to go global. 

The rate of global e-payments adoption tells us that there is a need for a one-size-fits-all analytics tool as the global market penetration doesn’t come without local law compliance.  

Global e-transfer acceptance may also mean turning to third parties that have digital payment solutions with the power to make transactions effortless and user experience satisfying.

To sum up, every business should take payments as seriously as we do at Muvon. Payments are the cornerstone of all operations. Without a proper process in place, it will be impossible to scale and expand. In today’s e-commerce scene, growth is vital to be competitive. If your business doesn’t conquer the new market, someone else’s will.

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