Aligned Is Tackling B2B Sales Inefficiencies With A Global Buyer-Seller Network

Tel Aviv-based company Aligned has raised $5.8 million in seed funding to build a global network for B2B buyers and sellers that aims to reshape the way B2B deals are executed. With a strong emphasis on enhancing the buyer experience, Aligned seeks to expedite deal closures and consolidate interactions into one shared online space, particularly for mid-market and enterprise organizations.

Aligned’s platform is poised to impact both B2B buyers and sellers, with a primary focus on refining the buyer experience. A Gartner Report highlights that 77% of B2B buyers consider their recent purchases to be complex or difficult. By offering shared online workspaces for sellers to engage with buyers and for buyers and sellers to collaborate with their teams internally, Aligned’s platform aims to facilitate a smoother deal experience and for sellers, increased deal completion rates, according to the company.

“B2B buying and selling is a chaotic process involving numerous stakeholders and often months of back and forth, with many blind spots and moving parts to control,” said Gal Aga, CEO and co-founder of Aligned. “These modern times present a game-changing opportunity to make buying and selling more impactful for both sides, even enjoyable. We’re passionate about leading this change to make the B2B buying and selling experience frictionless, collaborative, and streamlined.”

Aligned’s platform addresses the outdated sales workflows that persist in the B2B deal process despite widespread trends of digital transformation. The collaborative online workspaces lay the foundation for Aligned’s flagship project – a global network solely dedicated to B2B transactions. The network will enable B2B buyers and sellers to create public profiles in which buyers and sellers can connect with other B2B professionals, identify opportunities, accelerate sales or purchasing processes, and finalize deals from within the workspace, including building and signing proposals.

Aligned plans to allocate the $5.8 million funding to expand its team, integrate state-of-the-art deal analytics and AI capabilities into its platform, and establish the world’s first global network of B2B sellers and buyers. By focusing on streamlining the deal making process, the company plans to replace traditional B2B buying-selling methods orchestrated primarily by email with a consolidated, shared online workspace where all deal-related activities will take place. 

The innovative approach of Aligned underscores the crucial role of buyer enablement in the ever-evolving B2B environment. The platform’s commitment to providing collaborative workspaces and an exclusive network aspires to eliminate inefficiencies and communication barriers that have long plagued the B2B sales process.

“Aligned has identified a major gap in the sales tech market that demands a more effective collaborating experience that enables both parties to stay focused on their long-term goals,” said James Currier, General Partner at NFX. “By creating the first and only network for buyers and sellers that’s fully focused on improving the customer journey, Aligned is tapping into the root of B2B sales inefficiency to pioneer the next household name for buyer-seller interactions.”

By emphasizing buyer enablement and introducing a specialized B2B buyer-seller network, Aligned hopes to redefine how B2B business is conducted. As the platform continues to evolve and expand its user base, time will tell how it stands to influence the B2B industry.

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