Algorand’s Fizzling Momentum After SEC Charges, Why InQubeta is a 10X Token.

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Algorand has faced more SEC charges this year than most cryptocurrencies. In June, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission filed a lawsuit against Binance and Coinbase for trading unregistered securities and alleging Algorand to be a security. Before this, a similar claim was made by the SEC. In April, the SEC claimed Algorand was a security after it filed charges against Bittrex, a crypto exchange platform. According to the SEC, Algorand’s initial token sale in 2019 was an unregistered security offering, and the Algorands Foundation was a culprit in boosting its own token.

Amidst these allegations, Algorand has been experiencing fizzling momentum as uncertainty surrounds it. Meanwhile, InQubeta and its utility token, QUBE, have been termed a 10x token. In this article, we will explore why QUBE is a 10x token and why investors are swarming the presale.

InQubeta (QUBE) offers over 10x returns on investments

InQubeta has carved a niche for itself in the crypto landscape by becoming the first cryptocurrency crowdfunding platform for AI startups. Through its unique marketplace, startups can raise funds, and the crypto community can tap into the AI market by owning stakes in promising and lucrative AI projects. With the blockchain industry currently one of the fastest-growing industries today, early adopters and investors are in for immense profits, which is one of the reasons why its utility token, QUBE, is a 10x token. 

AI developers and entrepreneurs will be able to obtain funding for their enterprises through InQubeta’s revolutionary marketplace by minting and fractionalizing investment possibilities in NFTs. Investors can then invest fractionally in the newly created investment opportunity in any amount, thereby providing them the flexibility to choose their commitment levels.

The utility of the QUBE token has made it popular within the crypto space, which has been selling out fast. At the time of writing, a token costs just $0.00875, which is a cheap entry point, meaning at least 10x is attainable after launch. This is also backed by industry experts who believe the token has the potential to soar, making early investments a smart move.

As a high-growth token, InQubeta offers additional perks to holders, which include staking rewards and voting rights. Furthermore, the token’s deflationary nature means it has significant room for growth as its supply reduces over time. This solidifies the claim of QUBE being a 10x token, making it an even more compelling investment. To take part in the presale, simply follow the link below.

Algorand’s (ALGO) fizzling momentum leads to an exodus of investors

Since Algorand’s first encounter with the SEC in April, it has experienced a gradual price decline. Another security allegation by the SEC in June further dampened bullish momentum, which has been more bearish than it has been bullish, even amidst the broader market upturn.

Algorand’s fizzling momentum has become worrying to investors as fear and uncertainty shroud the token. With more viable investments available, Algorand has seen more exodus of investors than influx as they search for more compelling investments, with InQubeta one of their top options.


Amidst the SEC charges, Algorand has been losing bullish momentum, which appears to be fizzling. With uncertainty increasing, Algorand has become less appealing to new investors, with old investors already diversifying their investments. Meanwhile, QUBE has become a strong contender in the crypto landscape thanks to its growth potential, which has been predicted to surpass 10x. With the token poised to skyrocket thanks to its strong fundamentals, its presale has been experiencing a surge in participation. To participate, click on the link below.

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