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Algorand Foundation Unveils 2023 Plans at Decipher 22’ Dubai

The annual Decipher gathering talking all things DeFi, Web3.0 and the future of Algorand saw over a dozen news announcements being made surrounding the adoption of the global Algorand ecosystem.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, December 5, 2022 – The two-day event saw 2,000 in-person attendees gather in the global crypto hub of Dubai, bringing together an all-inclusive community of builders, founders, investors and strategic stakeholders working towards deciphering the future on the Algorand blockchain. The successful conclusion of Decipher, as announced by the Algorand Foundation, featured a number of hands-on sessions, networking opportunities and conversations exploring new use cases across the Web3.0 and DeFi space including stablecoins, digital identities, the creator economy and more.

Algorand founder Silvio Micali and Algorand Foundation CEO Staci Warden were featured speakers representing Algorand, alongside over 130 industry leaders, including the likes of Napster CEO Jon Vlassopulos, Quantum Temple Founder Linda Adami, and Arrington Capital Founder Michael Arrington.

Key takeaways from the Decipher 2022 event included a number of major announcements surrounding the continuously expanding adoption of Algorand’s sustainable and secure Layer-1 technology. Major announcements included:

  • New project Algorand Ventures was introduced by Ryan Terribilini, Alogrand Foundation’s very own Head of Ecosystem Funding, which looks to provide funding and ongoing support to the top builders and investors in the Algorand ecosystem.
  • The launch of the newly found platform Kokua, as announced by St. Vincent De Paul Disaster Services aims to support and provide relief funding built by AID:Tech and being leveraged by the Algorand blockchain. The app is to be released in aid of the deadly 2021 winter Tennessee tornadoes.
  • Support for USDC on Algorand (USDCa) was announced by the Algorand Foundation, to be supported on Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange platform.
  • Both Folks Finance and Tinyman, the two leading DeFi protocols running on Algorand, announced the launches of their V2 protocols.
  • A strategic partnership between Algorand ecosystem investor Hivemind Capital and leading esports performance brand Fnatic was announced, following Hivemind Capitals’ $1.5 Billion fund announced last year. 
  • A new Web3.0 experiential wallet built on the Algorand blockchain, Inkey, was  introduced by the New Computer Corporation (NCC).
  • The news of Algorand Foundation appointing Anil Kakani as its India Country Head, where he will lead the AlgoBharat initiative. The initiative will aim to broaden the adoption of Algorand across the region, with nine India-based companies already presented at Decipher.
  • The launch of Licit was announced by, elaborating on the Web3.0 platform which will look at verifying digital assets on Algorand.
  • Microfinance service provider Y9, licensed by the Central bank of Tanzania  communicated its plans to integrate Algorand across its mobile products, looking to promote meaningful financial inclusion across African nations.
  • A once-in-a-lifetime historic collaboration between Borderless Capital and artists Nancy Baker Cahill and Sophia the Robot was announced, premiering an enduring AR artwork at both Decipher 2022 and Art Basel Miami Beach 2022 simultaneously, which is being auctioned until 4.12.2022 on the Algorithm-based Aorist platform.
  • Leading Algorand NFT project Al Goanna announced their partnership with sync licensing platform Dequency to launch a unique motion graphic, audiovisual NFT collection – “The Lost Goanna”. Limited edition pieces featuring Milky Chance were up for auction at Decipher 2022.

Creating a borderless global economy while highlighting inclusivity in a decentralised space is the key mission of the Algorand Foundation, fully supported by the Algorand blockchain. Algorand’s incomparable Layer-1 technology is leading the way for fast, frictionless and sustainable blockchain use cases, ranking it as the leading choice for thousands of projects globally. To learn more about The Algorand Foundation, click here. To learn more about Decipher, click here.

About Algorand

Founded by Turing Award–winning cryptographer Silvio Micali, Algorand’s high-performing Layer-1 blockchain is unparalleled for bringing fast, frictionless, and inclusive technologies to everyone. Algorand is reshaping every industry–from TradFi and DeFi to new creator economies and beyond. With an extraordinary commitment to interoperability and consistent delivery, its sustainable technology powers more participation, transparency, and efficiency for all. As the technology of choice for 2,000+ global organisations, the Algorand ecosystem is transforming the next generation of financial products, protocols and exchange of value. For more information, visit

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