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Alexandra Lozano Uses TikTok, Social Media to Connect With Clients

For the past couple of years, Tik Tok has outshined as the most popular social media platform. While a lot of people think of it as an app for younger people to show off their dance moves and other quirky talents, many professionals are starting to notice the app’s value when it comes to connecting with clients.

When over 500 million users are tuning in each month, it’s hard to ignore this app. Even though there are so many social media apps out there already, professionals should give Tik Tok a second look because it has so much potential to make content go viral. Alexandra Lozano is one lawyer who’s familiar with the opportunities from using this trendy app.

How Are Professionals Using Tik Tok?

Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law is not a company someone would expect to find making videos for social media. However, Abogada Alexandra has a different take on using this app. This app has provided her with many opportunities to reach out to new clients. Since using this app, her law firm has only seen growth.

One of the things about Tik Tok that works in professionals’ favor is that the platform rewards content that is original, especially if there’s high user engagement. Alexandra Lozano has noticed her rankings on the app increase immensely after she posted authentic videos and started to respond to viewers’ questions.

Abogada Alexandra Shares Tips For Professionals Using Tik Tok

Something that Alexandra Lozano noticed about Tik Tok is that her videos always did better when she was being her authentic self. It’s important for professionals to always post original content that their audience can engage with.

Often this original content can be related to your core message as a professional. Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law prides itself on helping their clients settle cases without having to change their lives drastically, so Alexandra uses her account to promote the idea of “arreglar sin salir.” This lets clients know what her services are.

To keep viewers interested and continue to grow as a professional account, it’s important to post daily. It doesn’t hurt to get involved in at least one trending topic each day. However, it’s important to remember that Tik Tok isn’t like Instagram, so don’t clutter your content with too many hashtags.

Why Professionals Should Start Using Tik Tok Today

Alexandra Lozano isn’t the only professional who has seen her business do better since using Tik Tok. Many professionals are using this app to get their 15 minutes of fame. This is because it’s the easiest app to go viral on, especially if the post is original.

While many professionals are excited to see just how many people are actually interested in viewing their content, it gets better when they see their rankings on other platforms start to improve. This is because the app allows users to link their YouTube and Instagram accounts, creating a pathway to get more traffic on all sites.

Overall, many professionals have noticed that using Tik Tok has brought many new and interested clients their way.

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