Alexander Mamasidikov On How Activism Paved the Way for MinePlex

Alexander Mamasidikov - MinePlex

When we think of blockchain and the crypto industry, many things come to mind like the excitement within the industry when a bull run takes place, the growing use of blockchain in many sectors, and the evolution of the financial world. 

What does not tend to come to mind, however, is activism. After all, blockchain and crypto are largely commercialized concepts and activism is the opposite of that, right? In reality, the two industries overlap quite a bit and it can be argued that one gave rise to the other. 

Take Bitcoin, arguably the world’s most famous cryptocurrency and blockchain network. In the Genesis block of bitcoin is evidence that Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of bitcoin, created it in response to the global financial crisis of the late 2000s caused by institutional greed and corruption. Additionally, blockchain has been used in parts of the world to document activist work, especially in countries with oppressive governments and cryptocurrency is often used for fundraising during government oppression.

With all these, it is clear that there is some link between activism and blockchain. One person firmly embedded in both worlds is Alexander Mamasidikov, the co-founder of MinePlex, a CrossFi bank. While Mamasidikov is an entrepreneur, he is also involved in activism and firmly believes that the two are linked. 

“Both activism and blockchain are a story about people’s faith in common ideals. We know that by its nature, blockchain technology is designed to eliminate third parties, connect participants directly, and establish transparent and open relationships. Experts consider blockchain to be an ideal solution, for example, for conducting truly honest voting, confirming the origin of products or identification,” he says.

One of the biggest hot-button issues in cryptocurrency these days is inclusivity and Mamasidikov’s company is working towards that. Unlike traditional banking that is known to shut out various segments of the population, CrossFi is renowned for inclusivity and granting everyone accesses to banking services. 

MinePlex, on its part, allows its users to buy, sell, transfer, stake, and earn using the PLEX token, with various other cryptocurrencies coming soon. With the MinePlex debit card, they will be able to pay for goods and services using cryptocurrency with ease. This, also, is in line with the vision of inclusivity. 

“To finally give full access to the currency, which so belongs to users, is the main trend of the coming years. Many companies that really think about their customers are working on this. MinePlex creates financial instruments for the open use of cryptocurrencies. At the moment, you can buy goods for PLEX, soon we will present a POS terminal, crypto cards, and banking services in the cryptocurrency sector,” Mamasidikov explains. 

Granting financial inclusion and creating permanent records of activism projects is just the tip of the iceberg, Mamasidikov believes. He feels that blockchain has the potential to change the world long term and while a lot of the current emphasis is on how people can make money from blockchain, Mamasidikov thinks that the industry can do much more.

He expansions,” For example, blockchain can give a new kind of Internet, bring to a new level of health care and information security. This is really the most powerful tool of our time, which will soon affect all areas. It’s working right now.”

MinePlex on the Rise

While promoting financial inclusivity, MinePlex has had an amazing first year. Besides the many features that have been introduced to customers, MinePlex has also launched its first results conference in Dubai that saw the attendance of over 150 people. Among the attendees were banking industry players, experts and political scientists and on the agenda were a number of industry topics like the rise of cryptocurrency, the need for crypto-focused education and MinePlex’s upcoming version 2.0 launch.

Speaking on the rise of cryptocurrency, Rico Pang, the Co-founder and Global Managing Partner of Sanctum Global Ventures stated that, “There are two reasons why cryptocurrency is ubiquitous and why it is so popular. The first thing that is needed is faith in cryptocurrency. In any product, it is always about the user’s belief in it. If it is, then the product lives. Second, cryptocurrency gives users a choice. It is the main competitor to the financial system ”.

As for MinePlex 2.0, it will feature a mobile platform through which all wallets and services can be accessed. MinePlex is also teaming up with Dzing Finance Ltd to integrate its bank card with the Mastercard payment system and offer even more flexible services. 

Through all this, the emphasis on inclusion and using blockchain for good as Mamasidikov puts it, “they allow you to move the development machine forward even faster than you can imagine. It is necessary to give the opportunity to learn and competently study the crypto industry closer to as many people as possible, then all the benefits and benefits of cryptocurrencies will become clear and will pass into the category of everyday use.”

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