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Alex Rodriguez aka ItsAlexHype is Leading the New Wave of Investor Creators

Alex Rodriguez, otherwise known as ItsAlexHype, is a popular TikTok creator known for his stock posts and funny algorithmic content. He is also a young entrepreneur and enthusiast in cryptocurrency, stocks, and NFT’s. These careers have led to a large social media following that he turned into a partnership with Simple Media (ADS). Through this platform, he can help artists, influencers, and upcoming talent get on the map. IG growth, IG exposure, TikTok reach, and private advertising or marketing is just the beginning of their offered services. Originally from Hackensack, New Jersey, he is now based out of South Florida.

In an interview, Alex (ItsAlexHype) talked about what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur. He revealed that “character and persistence” is “what being a successful entrepreneur is all about.” These attributes feed the focus to stay “on a project and watch it flourish instead of starting many small ones.” Finally, “The most important thing to value in terms of investing, in my opinion, is time.” Time spent researching, and accurate timing is essential in capitalizing off of what someone is interested in.

Recently, the world of investing has seen an incredible explosion of exposure, and Alex hopes to take advantage of this market in a smart way. “I still see ‘entrepreneurs’ all-over social media, who sell bullish courses and follow trends every day trying to worry about what everyone else is doing. This is not the way to go as the only one making money, in this case, is the bullish investor, so you must stay up to date.” However, trends suggest a new way for investing in newcomers to become profitable. Alex relates, “thanks to the rise in crypto and NFTs, I have seen so many celebs, and regular people capitalize off just being early to something. The only way this is possible is by staying up to date and indulging or researching whatever you are interested in. Thanks to sources like r/wallstreetbets and celebrity tweets and posts, literally anyone with enough persistence and the right work ethic can become a millionaire in today’s society.”

In the coming years, Alex Rodriguez (ItsAlexHype) sees himself as a serial entrepreneur that can begin using his assets to make bigger investing plays. Additionally, he is planning expansion within his music network and services to include artist branding, press work, and agent representation.

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