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Alex Iceman Joins Startup Savants to Discuss Building His Tech Hiring Startup

It’s challenging for developers and engineers to handle project management, IT support, and clients at the same time. Alex Iceman founded Genium to address pain points in global tech hiring. He joins Startup Savants to talk about his journey.

  • Startup Savants is a business podcast that tells the stories behind up-and-coming startups.
  • Alex Iceman joins Startup Savants to discuss launching his tech startup.
  • Genium offers an integrated management, client, and IT support platform to address pain points in global tech hiring.

Starting With Overseas Clients

San Mateo, California-based Genium wasn’t Alex’s first startup. Prior to founding Genium in 2017, he started another IT consulting company in San Francisco called Iceman Softworks. Iceman Softworks delivered high-profile mobile projects and worked with Silicon Valley engineers. 

That company did well, and Alex eventually realized that his clients would need extended, affordable IT support. He found software developers in China, India, Mexico, and other countries to partner with. Eventually, he met some engineers in Argentina who were exactly the right fit. 

“I sent out two projects to Argentina, and they came out a total success, a total match for the values I have, which is effective communication, responsibility, accountability, forgiveness,” he said during his interview with Startup Savants. “I started hiring more and more engineers and administrative staff in Argentina, and then we grew into a greater Latin America since then. In the sense I’ve listened to my clients and I’ve listened to what they wanted and adapted to their needs. That’s how Genium came about.”

Genium’s mission is to connect companies with world-class security experts, engineers, and developers. It offers managed software team extensions in several areas, including logistics, human resources, payroll, information technology (IT), and legal. It also offers custom IT projects.

Delegation Is Key

Early on, Alex learned the importance of delegating – something that didn’t come naturally at first. “I had to work with coaches to get that mindset,” he said during his interview. “I couldn’t get to that mindset myself, and I had to ask for help.” 

You shouldn’t just delegate to anyone, of course. It’s critical to properly vet the people on your team, especially if they’re going to be senior leaders. “I found later that the most important thing to do in your business is to get your first three to five first hires,” he said. “Those are the people you’re going to be delegated to manage everything. You should spend an enormous amount of time vetting those people, getting them on board, and training them. That’s what’s going to define the future of your company.”

Establishing key processes from the beginning is also important. “I fly airplanes, and checklists are vital for saving lives,” Alex said. “I started applying that mentality to business and creating simple checklists that would go through the key points of a process to get to a high quality or safety or whatever it is, and that’s how I started scaling up and delegating more.”

Startup Savants Podcast 

The Startup Savants podcast is a business podcast created by The Really Useful Information Company (TRUiC). Listeners can hear the stories behind startups, as told by their founders, who are in the midst of growing their companies.

Ethan, an entrepreneur, and Annaka, a branding expert, host the Startup Savants podcast. They bring disparate skills and life experiences to their interviews, providing listeners with important business insights and a holistic perspective on the startup ecosystem. 

Hear from a variety of real startup founders from around the globe and with varying backgrounds about making their startup ideas a reality. Learn from experts sharing their industry knowledge on venture capital, securing funding, and more on the Startup Savants podcast. 

Final Thoughts

Genium founder Alex Iceman joins Annaka and Ethan to talk about his startup, which provides global, high-quality, affordable tech hiring solutions.

You can find the Startup Savants podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or wherever you listen to podcasts. 

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