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Alessandro Bazzoni Outlines The Economic And Social Benefits Of Sustainable Energy

As a leading businessman within the renewable energy sector, Alessandro Bazzoni is uniquely positioned to extol the benefits of sustainable energy sources. Having held senior positions at both Cinque Terre Energy Partners and Harvest Natural Resources, he has spent much of his career working within this vital sector, and is passionate about its importance as we all work to reduce our carbon footprints to halt climate change.

Although most people are aware that switching to sustainable sources of energy is essential if we are to minimise the impact of environmental damage, Bazzoni knows that the economic and social benefits aren’t as widely known. Here, he takes a closer look at the advantages to local economies and communities of switching to renewable resources.

Creating New Jobs

According to Alessandro Bazzoni, one of the greatest benefits of sustainable energy has to be the creation of new jobs. Over 10 million people currently work in the global renewable energy industry, and hundreds of thousands of jobs are being added year-on-year. With so many different kinds of jobs available including in the fields of manufacturing, engineering, installation, marketing, sales and more, there are opportunities for people at every stage of their career.

Job opportunities within this sector are also expected to continue growing for many more years to come. There is set to be an increased demand for solar photovoltaic installers alone of more than 100% by 2026, while the need for skilled technicians for wind turbines will alsot grow by as much as 96% in the same period.

Income For Landowners

Rural farmers and landowners can tap into an extra income source when they branch into the renewable energy sector. Bazzoni points out that wind farms in America are providing over $222 million each year to rural landowners hosting windfarms. Furthermore, farmers are also able to make more revenue by growing crops for use as biofuels.

Lower Energy Costs

Bazzoni is keen to point out that everyone can benefit from the switch to sustainable energy sources through reduced energy costs. Not only industrial and commercial, but residential energy customers too can save on their fuel bills. Also, homeowners who choose to install solar panels at their property can generate electricity on their own behalf, giving themselves in theory the opportunity to slash their energy bills down to zero.

Higher Property Values

For homeowners, the benefits of installing equipment for sustainable energy generation on their property can boost their home’s value considerably. Bazzoni encourages homeowners to invest in installing solar modules as the chances are high that they will be able to recoup some or even all of their installation costs when selling their home, not to mention that they may be able to sell more quickly thanks to their investment.

Increased Energy Independence

One benefit that Alessandro believes that is often overlooked is that the use of more renewable energy may help countries to achieve greater energy independence. When countries can meet their own energy needs domestically there is less dependence on other nations together with less susceptibility to fluctuating international energy prices. It will also reduce the further reliance on oil from overseas, and since renewable sources of energy can’t run out, this independence can continue for the long-term.

More Stability In Energy Prices

Although the installation of sustainable energy facilities will require a large investment upfront, once they have been installed they’re cost-effective to operate since there is no need to buy fuel on an ongoing basis. When fuel costs are eliminated, the electricity that is produced is cheaper too, and isn’t susceptible to the changes in fuel prices in the same way as it is when coal or natural gas are required. As a result, Bazzoni believes, greater stability can be achieved in energy prices over the long-term.

Avoiding A Negative Climate Impact

Of course, the primary benefit associated with switching to renewable energy sources is protection for the environment, but Bazzoni also points out that climate change costs the world’s economies a lot of money every year. Also, if the pace of climate change carries on at its existing level, the economy of countries around the globe will contract substantially due to poorer air quality, more extreme weather events and rising sea levels among other effects. If countries switch to renewables from fossil fuels, the pace of climate change can be slowed down exponentially to avoid many of these possible economic losses.

With all of these benefits in mind, it’s easy to see why more of us should be switching to renewable energy sources and eliminating the use of fossil fuels to produce power. Not only is it far better for human health and the environment overall, but it offers a host of positive economic advantages. When taken together, Bazzoni says, these benefits all add up to an extremely persuasive argument for making greater investments in renewables.

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