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Akshit Dhadwal: Promising Music Artist You Must Know

The Indian musician based in the United States is setting a new mark with his Music. Akshit Dhadwal is a guitarist and composer. He started as a hobby in class 12th and later took it as a career. He completed his summer program at Berklee College of Music and graduated from Quincy College, Boston, MA, USA.

During his musical journey, he has worked with renowned people of Bollywood like Mr. Clinton Cerejo, Deepanshu Pandit, Ishaan Nigam, Brite Roy, and other people of Bollywood.

He has come a long way and made a promising music career. It was never easy, and there were a lot of difficulties and struggles. But it’s a part of life that teaches us what to do and what not to; we gain the knowledge that helps us succeed., he added.

Akshit Dhadwal insists it’s all about hard work. An artist has to keep making what he’s good at, and people want to connect with him. I’m blessed that I always got constant support from my family, friends, and gurus, which helped me grow and reach where I am.

Because of Music, I met Oscar winner A.R. Rahman Sir, Zakir Hussain Sir, Shreya Ghoshal Mam, Dr. Palash Sen, Mr. Suraj Jagan, Mr. Vivek Oboerio, Mr. Ranvijay Singha, and Mr. Karan Kundra, he said.

Akshit Dhadwal opened his own academy, Veena Music Academy, named after his mother. With Santosh Iyer in 2015, he started this academy which was a tribute to his mother Arveena Dhadwal. His mother has done so much for him and it cannot be expressed in words. Thank you is a small word but this is the least he can do.

By opening this academy, he wanted to teach others and pass on the knowledge which he gained from his gurus.

Talking about the duo, Santosh has very good business skills and akshit has good teaching as well as management skills. This made them very good partners to run a business and successful due to the rise of Veena Music Academy.

Today, I’m working as a composer in Bollywood, contributing to the music industry of the United States and teaching students here in Boston, Massachusetts, too. I enjoy every moment of my life and look forward to seeing what life holds for me next.

If anyone has a project to collaborate on or wants to learn guitar, they can contact me at I’m always there to help and connect with them.

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