Akshat Tyagi: A waterpreneur Pioneering Sustainable Biosolutions Initiatives with SUSBIO.

Water is one of the most valuable resources on the planet, although it is sometimes taken for granted. Water scarcity is a big worry in India, with millions of people unable to obtain clean and safe water. This is aggravated by a lack of wastewater treatment facilities and a lack of a culture of water recycling and reuse. Through his company SUSBIO, Akshat Tyagi, a young water entrepreneur, is determined to change this mindset.

Akshat Tyagi and Raghavendra Suryavanshi, two BITS Pilani postgraduates who wished to make a difference in the environment, founded SUSBIO. The firm specialises in the design, fabrication, and installation of sewage treatment plants, biodigesters, and bio-toilets. SUSBIO-SBR, SUSBIO-STP, and SUSBIO-EcoTreat+ are their main products, and they are designed to treat wastewater efficiently and effectively while minimising environmental impact.

The SUSBIO-SBR facility employs a batch reactor sequencing technology, which is suited for treating wastewater in small to medium-sized communities. The SUSBIO-STP facility employs a submerged aeration technology that is especially effective in the treatment of industrial wastewater. The SUSBIO-EcoTreat+ is a multipurpose plant that can treat wastewater from domestic, commercial, and industrial sources. SUSBIO also provides biodigesters and bio-toilets, which are perfect for rural locations without access to sanitary facilities.

Akshat Tyagi’s mission is to clean, recycle, and reuse wastewater to establish a sustainable water ecosystem in India. “Giving back to Nature” is more than simply a slogan for his company. It is a way of life for him and his SUSBIO team. They hope that by purifying wastewater and making it safe for reuse, they can help future generations conserve water.

The target audience for SUSBIO’s products and Akshat Tyagi’s message is primarily composed of businesses, builders, and educated individuals. These are the persons who have the ability to encourage others to embrace sustainable practises and make a difference in society. SUSBIO wants to improve people’s attitudes towards wastewater treatment and recycling by raising awareness of the necessity for water conservation.

Akshat Tyagi through SUSBIO is pioneering initiatives in India to preserve water and create a sustainable future. His dedication to purifying wastewater and making it suitable for reuse is admirable which helps assisting in changing people’s attitudes towards water conservation through their products and services. His goal is to reach a larger audience and raise awareness about Water recycling and sustainability. More people adopting sustainable practises can help to reduce India’s water issue and provide a better quality of life for future generations.

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