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Akmal Mamarakhimov Began Supplying Agricultural Machinery To Uzbekistan Through His Company EMPYREAN HEAVY MACHINERY SPARE PARTS LLC (Dubai, UAE)

A former farmer, Akmal Mamarakhimov, who had previously purchased his first combine harvester from the American engineering company John Deere back in 2007, has begun supplying various agricultural equipment to Uzbekistan.

The history of John Deere corporation (John Deere) begins in the nineteenth century during the colonization of the United States’s Midwest. Back then, the economic recession forced the young blacksmith called John Deere to move and settle in Illinois.

Here, his work was in high demand, and therefore, just two days after the move, John was able to open his own forge.

Constant cooperation with farmers and familiarity with their daily problems prompted Mr.Deere to create a plow that could clean itself of soil.

In 1837, a young inventor created the cast-steel plow for working with sticky prairie soils. The plow had a unique design and showed high reliability, which ensured good sales and production growth. This is how John Deere produced custom farming equipment for the first time.

The company continued developing successfully, and in 1868, it was registered as a corporation.

John Deere’s son, Charles Deere, became its vice president and later a second president a couple of years later.

Charles opened many company branches and developed an extensive dealer network. “Deere and Company” has united six companies producing agricultural machinery and equipment. This move made it possible to expand the range of products significantly.

By constantly expanding its production capacity and network of independent dealers, John Deere has become a manufacturer of a wide range of agricultural equipment.

At the end of the 19th century, it became apparent that the transition from a horse to a tractor was inevitable. Since the beginning of the 20th century, many companies have been creating tractor prototypes. “John Deere Corporation” was no exception and, by 1914, was able to develop its own model. In 1918, the company acquired a tractor factory and eventually became a leading manufacturer of tractors and diesel engines.

John Deere today 

Supplying Agricultural Machinery

To date, the John Deere Corporation successfully operates six major divisions:

  • production of agricultural equipment and machinery
  • production of construction and forestry equipment
  • commercial equipment for parks and lawns
  • implementation of crediting
  • production of engines
  • production of spare parts

John Deere machinery for construction and other uses

  • tracked and mining bulldozers
  • lawn mowers
  • loaders (forklifts, tracked, front-end, mining, telescopic)
  • graders
  • skid steer loaders
  • scrapers
  • tracked and wheeled tractors
  • mini-tractors
  • forwarders
  • pipelayers
  • harvesters
  • grab, quarry, wheeled and tracked excavators
  • mini-diggers
  • backhoe loaders

Today Empyrean Akmal Mamarakhimov’s Company  EMPYREAN HEAVY MACHINERY SPARE PARTS LLC is the only company in the Central Asian agricultural market that, for more than five years, has been proudly presenting the best equipment from world leaders such as John Deere (USA), Lindsay Irrigation (USA), JCB (UK), Grimme (Germany) and Väderstad (Sweden) along with full-service support, the supply of only original spare parts and an agro-management service system that can make our customers’ businesses more profitable and beneficial. the supply of only original spare parts and an agro-management service system that can make our customers’ businesses more profitable and beneficial.

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