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Decentralized AI (Artificial Intelligence) has tremendous potential in different industries. By combining a decentralized computing model like blockchain with AI, the best of both worlds can be leveraged for a scale of resources. Decentralized intelligence is an obvious result of this technology integration. 

AI is an intelligent system while blockchain is decentralized. This model is gaining good traction in the tech world, as it can enable business organizations to set up a blockchain-based architecture that allows a combination of AI design.

Through the combined use of AI and blockchain tech, AIWORK successfully brings forth smart, safe, and effective systems that provide real value across a range of applications in the video content space. Powered by blockchain tech, AIWORK works towards creating an open network for AI by leveraging the prowess of human experts that help to create, verify, and validate data sets that make AI smarter.

In a nutshell, AIWORK provides a working intersection point between AI and blockchain through which the video content ecosystem is revamped.

Leaps Witnessed in Blockchain and AI Technologies

Blockchain and AI are some of the biggest technology areas out there – through their intersection, businesses can capitalize on their strengths to aid the other. In the case of AIWORK, its AI tech depends on user data to improve itself through machine learning. What is particularly relevant to AIWORK is gathering data on human interactions when searching for what videos to watch and other key details. 

The best example to use here would be how Spotify uses customer data to recommend music based on their recent searches and preferences. AIWORK is working on bringing the same concept to the video content scene, with the added advantage of blockchain technology.

By integrating blockchain and AI, the AIWORK platform enjoys a protected decentralized AI system since the former allows for encryption of data and secure storage.

With decentralized intelligence, there is greater trust in the system – since the video content realm calls for credibility, the entire system must be trustworthy. Rather than working with a closed AI system, bringing in blockchain technology welcomes transparency as the data is well encrypted and unauthorized parties cannot view your video searches or history. By having a community of human experts working behind the scenes to make their AI systems smarter, AIWORK boasts of increased performance AI that allows the network to access unstructured data.

AIWORK is Contributing to the Growth and Adoption of Blockchain Tech

The team behind the AIWORK project believes that blockchain has the potential to truly decentralize the internet and online video ecosystems, and the dApps (decentralized applications) or decentralized platforms would benefit from the normalized and enhanced video metadata generated by their platform.

Their solution is a decentralized, open-source blockchain protocol and ecosystem being built on a consensus network of AI computing resources and a community of human experts, working together to generate normalized and enhanced metadata for video content. This enhanced metadata will be the basis for the protocol’s first dApp – an open search engine for video that is decentralized, indexed, and maintained by the AIWORK community.

AIWORK believes that the internet and its services must be decentralized – otherwise, there’s too much power in a few powerful hands. This is an issue because it results in little to no transparency, and even if these few companies meant well, they would be so big that there are few ways to destabilize them. This is why AIWORK is applying blockchain to content and the underlying metadata that powers content cataloging, indexing, search, discovery, trade, and monetization. 

This will be the backbone of a decentralized video open network and search engine that could act as a check and balance on the few dominant platforms.

A Powerful Engine of Innovation

Decentralized intelligence has emerged as a powerful engine of innovation that can drastically change the world we live in for the better. AIWORK is leading this innovative journey by example by working towards being a powerhouse in the video content realm. Decentralized AI has incredible potential across businesses, science, and collective people. From the work AIWORK has done thus far, we can say that with time, the domination of the video content space by a few companies will come to an end and the ecosystem will overcome adversity through the AI nodes planning, training, and solving logical problems.

We can only expect bigger and better breakthroughs in machine learning, especially deep learning that will revamp different industries like AIWORK is doing with the video content space.

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