Airtable Pricing vs Bitrix24 Pricing – Side-By-Side Value Guide

Airtable Pricing vs Bitrix24 Pricing

A no-code automation platform for app development and workflow management, Airtable software was released in 2012. The ability of Airtable to offer comprehensive solutions to develop interfaces and manage activities through visual tools is the reason why many customers choose it over other similar products. Bitrix24 software is an excellent tool for managing CRM, team communication, and task management. It can offer a fantastic set of functions that can solve many project management problems.

The following article will provide a comparative list of Airtable pricing vs  Bitrix24 pricing  to recount the features offered by their subscription plans.

Airtable Pricing


The free Airtable plan is helpful for both small teams and individuals who want to learn more about Airtable and its capabilities. This package supports up to 5 people and enables the development of an unlimited number of bases. Additionally, it can be used to invite an endless number of commentators on papers for better contact with clients or resources.

Additionally, users who select this bundle receive 2GB of attachment file storage space. Additionally, users can access a wide range of graphic tools, such as grid, calendar, Kanban, and gallery. The drag-and-drop functionality of the interface designer, which enables users to make necessary adjustments, promotes program development.


The second level, which costs $10, includes all the services provided by the free price plan. Additionally, it can manage up to 5,000 entries, 3 sync integrations, and 3 apps. The Plus plan subscribers get an additional 5GB of data storage. Custom branded forms can also be created to maintain an overall stronger CRM. A six-month run history can also be maintained.


Due to its premium management tools, the pro plan from Airtable  pricing roughly $20, is one of the most popular. It generates an average of 10 apps per base and can manage 7 sync integrations, including the Jira tool. Additionally, subscribers now have access to 20GB of data storage, and the number of records per base has been increased by 50,000.

This option includes visual management tools like the Gantt chart and timeline. You can also keep private and protected views to ensure that only essential information is communicated to the teams. Administrators can also control field and table modification rights, safeguarding important data. Last but not least, individuals who choose to receive early access to updates are


The requirements for a large-scale organization are considered in this final plan. It permits the development of an infinite number of apps and workplaces. Furthermore, it fosters Salesforce and Jira premium sync connectors. In actuality, each base may support up to 250,000 records. Users will access 100GB of file storage for available storage space.

It can even be used to handle a SAML-based single sign-on, an ongoing success program, and an enterprise-wide admin panel. An enterprise package also offers a 3-year revision history, improved deletion recovery, base build services, and other advantages.

The website does not, however, list the cost of the enterprise plan. Contact the Airtable sales team to request a private estimate if you believe it would be a good fit for your company.

Airtable Reviews

An overview of the Airtable reviews establishes its position as a reliable software for app development and project management.

Airtable Demo

The Airtable demo offers an insightful guide about the product and how the features can be optimized to generate the best results.

Bitrix24 Pricing


The free plan for collaboration supports multiple tools, including charts, a calendar, HD video calls, a company workspace, and a feed. You can also maintain a corporate social network where users can converse and share content. This function serves as the company’s social networking platform.

Additionally, you can express gratitude to your staff by giving them appreciation badges to acknowledge their work. You can assign tasks to particular individuals and monitor your progress toward deadlines regarding task management. Additionally, you may monitor time usage and see how much is spent on task completion.


A large range of tools not included in the first plan is available in the $39/monthly basic plan. For instance, this option offers better HD video conversations with the ability to share a screen, blur the background, and record speech and video. Each user has access to 24GB of data storage.

You will be provided with task management tools like task delegation and task control. The task might also be graded as satisfactory or unsatisfactory once it has been completed.

Creating invoices and converting deals to invoices is another way to improve your CRM. Additionally, you can categorize up to 3,000 products.


The 1024GB professional plan costs $159 and includes file storage. It includes all of the functionality offered by the Bitrix24 software. However, it offers the choice of having an infinite number of deals, contacts, businesses, quotes, and bills.

You have limitless access to communication channels. It is safe to suggest that enterprises looking for organization-wide application solutions should consider the professional subscription plan.


The on-premise plan guarantees fast performance, so you can submit as many requests and access as many CRM entities as you want. Customization choices can also be utilized to enhance colors and brand recognition. The source code can also be modified, as well as the user interface.

Bitrix24 Reviews

According to the Bitrix24 reviews, it is resourceful software for marketing, sales automation, and task organization.

Bitrix24 Demo

Bitrix24 sheds light on the software’s functions for users getting started with the system. The demo offers insightful help for new beginners who are interested in applying the features to their daily project management and increasing the performance of their sales campaigns.

WindUp: Airtable vs Bitrix24

The Airtable pricing vs Bitrix24 pricing ensures that teams of all sizes can find a suitable plan. Each accommodates large-scale firms with subscription options that can be used to manage tasks regardless of your business level.


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