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Airsoft Technologies and A-Labs Ventures join forces for Regulated Coin Offerings

Airsoft Technologies, a leading Fintech Service Provider, expands its business line by entering the crypto world and partners with A-Labs to address the regulatory needs.

Airsoft Technologies, a full-service Fintech developer, was one of the first to develop advanced web-based FX/CFD platform, and one of the leading providers of the fast-growing Crypto Currency online trading community.

Recently, the trend in the world of online financial trading is heading towards cryptocurrencies, and Airsoft Technologies jumped on the opportunity to join A-Labs, corporate advisory, and banking firm.

With over 80 subpoenas issued by the SEC in an expanded ICO crackdown, A-Labs Ventures stands out as the first ICO advisory firm to lead their clients in submitting a full F1 Prospectus filing for a public offering of crypto tokens for what they essentially call – a Regulated Coin offering (or, an RCO).

INX Exchange, an A-Labs portfolio company, has recently submitted a confidential filing to the SEC for a regulated offering of its INX Tokens aiming to raise funds for the world’s first fully regulated crypto exchange for blockchain assets and their derivatives.

Shay Benhamou, Airsoft Technologies CEO

The joint venture with A-Labs comes to address the regulatory need for transparency and ‘fair-play’ infrastructure in crypto trading software systems that need to comply with the regulatory prerequisites as well.

Shay Benhamou, Airsoft Technologies CEO, said: “Airsoft Technologies has established itself as a leading technology provider in the industry in recent years, and our client base has grown based on the fact that we are always looking ahead of the curve. Crypto is undoubtedly the next big thing in the financial world, and therefore we welcome the cooperation with A-Labs.”

Doron Cohen, A-Labs Co-Founder & CEO

Doron Cohen, A-Labs Co-Founder & CEO, added: “We strongly believe that every ICO that raises funds from the public is a security class ICO and has to be regulated. We work with global companies on Regulated Coin Offerings, and we join forces with other key industry players, such as Airsoft Technologies, to make sure we can provide regulatory compliance across all crypto functions and trading.”

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