Airshiba – Bringing Your Favorite Air Hockey Game Onto The Blockchain

The gaming industry has been aggressively making its way over onto the blockchain in the past six months, this is an undeniable fact. Airshiba is a combination of well-experienced game developers and marketing experts who have created an air hockey game on the Binance Smart Chain. With mobile gaming gaining a lot of popularity in the past years due to overly priced graphic cards on the PC, a lot of game developers have been focusing on a minimalistic gameplay style that can be played by virtually everyone in the world.

While Ethereum remains to be the dominant platform for gaming, Binance Smart Chain comes right under and is a direct threat to the Ethereum blockchain due to it’s low gas fees. AirShiba has a web3 implementation in the game, where you are able to play 2 earn, as well as play 2 stake against other players.

Whether you are playing 2 earn, by scoring goals against the computer – or just simply playing against your friends, this game has it all.

While Air Hockey has been played since the late 1970s, it has significantly dropped off popularity due to too many requirements to play. One needs a frictionless air hockey table, a puck, and two player-held strikers. However, it does not mean that the game is not fun, it just means that it’s a bit of a hassle to make it work offline.

This is where the AirShiba project comes in handy. It eliminates the need for a second player, and a frictionless table to be present. You can simply hop on over to the website, connect your Metamask or Trust wallet and start gaming within 5 seconds.

There are quite a few air hockey online games already released out on the web, however, none of them have implemented a simple “staking” system against other players.

In simple man’s terms, you can stake a certain amount against another player, and the winner takes it all at the end of the round. The game has three different modes. Easy mode is three rounds, the medium mode is five rounds, and hard mode is seven rounds.

At the end of every game, a spinning wheel will pop up, where you can win from zero to fifty thousand AirShiba tokens. Which can immediately be sold off for a profit.

The AirShiba token

The AirShiba token is the governance token, which is to be released sometime in early February via a presale and then onto the PancakeSwap that the Binance Smart Chain utilizes.

Since AirShiba is looking to build a community-driven GameFI experience for many years to come, the token will grant its holders a passive dividend reward just by holding the token. The dividends are paid out in BUSD every couple of hours, so if you are using MetaMask or Trustwallet, make sure to keep an eye on how many BUSDs are being paid out to you!

All in all, AirShiba is a wonderful ecosystem with many upgrades planned on the way. You can simply check out the website in order to play the game. It functions perfectly both on mobile and computer platforms.

The presale is set to start in the first half of February, you can find more information on the Telegram channel.

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