Airmoto Reviews (2022 Updated): The Best Selling AirMoto Smart Air Pump


This is the Airmoto Reviews; The Airmoto inflates vehicle tires, soccer balls, motorbikes, mountain bikes, dingies and all other inflatables. According to the Airmoto Air Pump Reviews, this device provides up to 120 psi of air output, effortlessly inflating tires in minutes.

It is sleek, compact, and functional. It even has a flashlight built right in. 1 Airmoto Smart Air Pump costs $69.99.

You can now make inflating your inflatables very easy using a smart air pump. If you are looking for a better replacement for your old air pumps which are difficult to use? Or just seeking the first smart air inflator that you can simply use to top off tire pressure? Then this Airmoto Smart Air Pump is perfect for you.

This is an Airmoto Air Pump Review that will guide you on everything you need to know about this innovative product currently trending in the United States, United Kingdom, and other parts of the World (Airmoto Smart Air Pump Reviews).

What is the Airmoto Smart Air Pump?

Airmoto is a compact air pump with built in battery providing up to 120 PSI of pressure to inflate almost anything. It has been tagged the “The Best Selling Portable Air Pump For Every Situation” according to the manufacturers (Airmoto Reviews).

There is no question that every car and home needs to have an Airmoto. With a long lasting rechargeable battery and powerful output of up to 120 PSI, the compact smart air pump can handle everything.

The Airmoto is a smart compact, rechargeable and portable air pump that is so easy to use. It is a super powerful air pump but so small and portable. It comes with an air hose that is stored inside the device, along with several connectors to use for so many different items.

When you turn it on and connect the air hose to your tire, you will see the current pressure reading on the large LED display screen. It is one of the only devices its size that can inflate up to 120 PSI. That is impossible to do with a small hand pump (Airmoto Reviews).

Less than the size of a bottle of water, you can easily take it with you on a bike ride. The Airmoto Smart Air Pump takes between 2 to 4 hours to fully charge and can last up to 40 minutes of use per charge. For best charging results, be sure to add the Airmoto Power kit to your order.

This air inflator adopts latest technology making your trips much safer and easier. The ease of use of this air inflator makes it an ultimate helping tool for camping trips, hiking, road trips, vacations and more according to the Airmoto Reviews.

It is small enough to carry with you and ideal for topping up your car tires, pumping up your bike or moped tires and make sure the footy or soccer ball is also fully pumped. With emergency lighting and power bank design, the Airmoto air pump is definitely a wonderful companion for riders.

This product also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. This is to ensure a 100% customer satisfaction allowing to be able to return the product within 30 days of receiving the package (Airmoto Reviews).

Features of the Airmoto Smart Air Pump

Rapid and Powerful Inflation: With up to 120 PSI of inflation pressure, this smart air inflator will easily pump up your requirements with ease, ideal for inflating stuff that require high pressure through the quick connect air valve (Airmoto Reviews).

Accurate Pressure Control: Specifically designed with a user friendly LCD display, the lightweight smart air pump integrates pre-set function, allowing it to automatically shut down once the desired pressure is achieved to avoid over inflating, which makes inflating more precise.

Portable: The powerful rechargeable battery enables low maintenance and cordless operation, without directly connecting to power supply while you are out on the road. This makes the mini pump completely portable and easy to store on yourself, in a vehicle or a garage.

Rechargeable Battery: The Airmoto comes with a rechargeable battery that is long lasting too (up to 2000 Mah). Once recharged, it can last for at least 40 minutes. It takes between 2 to 4 hours for a full charge (Airmoto Reviews).

Very Easy To Use: Airmoto comes with a manual that will take you step by step on how to best use it. There is no special technical know how on how to operate it. The manufacturers have made it quite easy to use so that just about anybody can use it effectively.

Tire Pressure Detection & Preset Tire Pressure: When the smart air pump is connected to the tire, the tire pressure can be easily detected anytime and anywhere. Preset the required tire pressure and press the power button to start the inflation. Once the preset pressure is reached, the Airmoto will automatically shut off (Airmoto Air Pump Reviews).

Comes with a flashlight for the dark moments. It also has an Overcurrent protection of 9A/1S and Overdischarge protection of 6V from the official Airmoto Reviews online.


Product Specifications of Airmoto Air Pump

  • Product Name: Airmoto Smart Air Pump
  • Product Size: 38 x 60 x 152 mm
  • Weight: 340g
  • Inflation Pressure: 120 PSI (MAX)
  • No load flow: 20L/M (Airmoto Smart Air Pump)
  • Charging Temperature: 0 – 45
  • Working Temperature: 10 – 60
  • Charging Input: 5V/2A
  • USB Output: 5V/1.5A
  • Charging Time: 2.5 – 4.5 hours
  • LED lighting: 0.5W (Airmoto Smart Air Pump Reviews)

What do You get when you Order?

  1. 1 x Smart Air Pump
  2. 1x flexible hose (US standard connector)
  3. 1x French Standard Adapter
  4. 1x Ball needle
  5. 1x Nozzle for swimming ring
  6. 1x Type C

Can I really afford The Airmoto?? (Airmoto Smart Air Pump Reviews)

The Airmoto will save over $1000 in tires, time and headaches for you. No one wants to fork over a lot of money to buy a commercial tire inflator. Just to get one of those you would have to spend well over $300 more like $400 or $500.

What is not convenient about these devices is that they require to be plugged for power that is until Airmoto Air Pump. This device is a compact and portable tire inflating pump that can pump out max pressure of 120 PSI.

It normally retails for $120 + shipping. When compared to the cost of a mechanic shop, towing service or needing to buy new tires earlier than necessary. It truly is a no brainer. Not to mention, it is so inconvenient to go down to a gas station just to get air for your tires (Airmoto Reviews).

The time, money and stress the Airmoto alleviates is well worth it. Having an easy way to check and fix your tire pressure solves one of the biggest problems we have owning a car. This portable smart air pump is perfect for when preparing for road trips, emergency situations.

You never have to ask yourself questions like….. Where can I check my tire pressure? How do I fi the tire pressure? Can I find a gas station pump?……….. Now you can have a powerful portable air pump of your own. It costs only $69. $69 seems like a small price to pay for knowing these problems will be solved for good.

UPDATE: As of Today, the Airmoto is 40% OFF. The Sale Price is only $69 and Free Shipping. This is why the Smart Air Pump is in high demand and hence usually out of stock.

What Can You Use With Airmoto?

You can use Airmoto for so many things. This smart air pump is versatile, it works with most tires and many other inflatables. You can use it for most automobile tires, motorcycles, gocarts, bicycles. It is rated up to 120 PSI, comes with several attachments to handle all your air pumping needs. Below are the list of things you can inflate with the Airmoto Air Pump:

  • Basketballs, Footballs and Soccerballs
  • Bike Tires
  • Car Tires
  • Motorcycles and Dirt Bikes
  • Inflatable Tubes
  • Golf Carts, UTVs and ATVs (Airmoto smart air pump reviews).
  • Lawn Mowers and Small Tractors
  • Pool Toys and Much More

How is the Airmoto Better Than Other Conventional Air Pumps?

Airmoto is a cutting edge gadget designed to inflate your car tires, trucks and other inflatables that have been listed above. The most important distinction between the Airmoto and other conventional air pumps is that you do not need to connect the Airmoto to a power supply in order to use it (Airmoto Reviews).

Airmoto smart air pump comes with a rechargeable battery of 2000 mAh capacity. After a full charge, this portable smart pump will last you for quite some time. It takes between 2 to 4 hours for a full charge. Other air pumps require them to be connected to a power source in order to use them.

This feature alone puts the Airmoto heads and shoulders above its competitors. The Airmoto can also check your Tire’s resting pressure. Underinflated tires cost you money and Overinflated tires are dangerous. When plugged in, the Airmoto first measures the pressure in the tire and shows you if you need to increase it and by how much.

The Airmoto has a compact design making it easy for you to carry anywhere. It is both lightweight and very portable. This device is a super powerful air pump despite its small size (Airmoto Reviews).

Comes with an Automatic Shut Off: Airmoto has the ability to stop itself once it has reached the set pressure you want. The device was built in such a way that it enables you to set the pressure for your car tires, once that PSI has been reached, the portable smart air pump will automatically close down.

How to use the Air moto Smart Air Pump?

This all in one smart pump can be crucial in emergencies and that is why it is so easy to use in a few steps:

Step 1: Turn it on, attach the air hose that comes with your Airmoto and select the proper connection tip

Step 2: Set your desired pressure or select a default setting. Connect the air hose to your car or other item

Step 3: Press start, that is it. Airmoto will handle the rest, automatically shutting off when the job is done (Airmoto Smart Air Pump Reviews).


Charging Method of the Airmoto (Airmoto Reviews)

The USB charger is recommended to use is the 5V/2A. Use the Type C charging cable to connect the air pump and power adapter (sold separately) for charging.

Charging Status: Battery Indicator flashes: Green Light = 60 – 100%, Yellow Light = 30 – 60% Red Light = 10-30%. The product cannot be used during charging.

LED Lighting: Long press LED to turn on the LED lighting. Press and hold the LED button to turn off the LED light. (Airmoto Reviews).

Where to get your Airmoto?

From the Airmoto Smart Air Pump Reviews online, If you wish to make a purchase, it is greatly advised to choose the manufacturer directly. They have a website where they offer the products. But that is not all. If you want to purchase more than one, you can do so with the special offers that the manufacturers make available from time to time. This means that you can purchase several of the Smart Air Pump at the same time and pay less for a single air pump itself. The order is uncomplicated and can be completed within a few minutes.

Return Policy (Returns Center): They accept returns within 30 days of your order being delivered. Items must be in new, unused and sellable condition to be accepted for a return. If items or packaging is damaged or not complete, a refund will not be approved. Shipping and expedited processing fees are not refundable.

Price of Airmoto Smart Pump

1 Airmoto costs only $69

2 Airmoto costs only $139

3 Airmoto costs only $199

4 Airmoto costs only $259

5 Airmoto costs only $319

6 Airmoto costs only $369

7 Airmoto costs only $420

What are the customers saying on Airmoto Reviews

“This was exactly what I needed. I use mine all the time and bought one for my wife’s car as well” – Jacob T, Lagos

“After dealing with low tire issues on a trip to my parents, I saw this and got one right away. It works really good” – Leslie G, New York, NY.

“My dad saw the Airmoto online and told me about it because I drive a lot for work. We bought the bundle deal and keep one in each of our cars”Anthony M. Chicago, IL (Airmoto Reviews).

“When I saw this online I knew I had to get one. Absolutely the easiest way to air up my bike when I go cycling or go on roadtrips” –  Alex D. Los Angeles, CA (Airmoto Air Pump Reviews)

“I love this thing! On Cold mornings when my low tire warning comes on Airmoto saves me so much time. Solves the problem in minutes” – Michael W.

“Absolutely love this handy and easy to use device. It is also easy to carry and store in the car and simple to charge when needed. I recommend it to anyone who wants a good quick inflator of tires, footballs, balloons etc” – Gene F

“Great product. I have only had it for a month, but so far it is working beautifully. No need to plug it into a cigarette lighter or outside source. No need to stop at a gas station air pump to get air for your tires. Keeping the Airmoto in my car at all times gives me peace of ming” – Alphonzo N. (Airmoto Reviews).

Pros and Cons of the Airmoto


  1. Rated up to 120 PSI!
  2. Works on Vehicle Tires, Bicycles, ATVs and Other Inflatables
  3. Powerful Air Inflator (Airmoto Reviews)
  4. Compact and Portable
  5. Very Easy to Use
  6. Comes with a 1 Year Warranty. Built with Quality.
  7. Orders over $100 comes with Free Shipping (Airmoto Smart Air Pump Reviews).
  8. 30 Day Guarantee. No Risk Return Policy
  9. 2000 mAH Rechargeable Battery
  10. Includes LED Flashlight for Dark Moments
  11. Saves you Time and Money without calling a low truck or using gas station air pumps anymore
  12. Roadside emergencies or road trips. Inflate your tires quickly to keep you on the road (Airmoto Air Pump Reviews).


  1. It is not guaranteed to work for large trucks, trailers, RVs or similar heavy duty situations or with added towing weight (Airmoto Reviews).
  2. This product has a high risk of selling out at any given moment. You could delay for just a second and the product would be sold out. Stocks are severely limited at the moment. This is due to its increasing popularity and the special discount that it comes with from the manufacturers. (Airmoto Reviews)
  3. This product can only be bought online from the manufacturers official website which I have provided the link to. If you do not buy directly from the manufacturers, you stand a big risk of being scammed or being sold a knock off and inferior product. It is recommended that you only buy from the Manufacturers.

FAQs on Airmoto Smart Air Pump Reviews

Does it work with Presta Valves?

Yes, the Airmoto comes with 4 connection tips and one specifically for Presta valves. Works great with road bikes (Airmoto Air Pump Reviews).

Do You have a return policy?

Yes! Every Order is backed with our 30 Day guarantee according to our return policy guidelines listed. (Airmoto Reviews).

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Final Thoughts

There is no question that every car and home needs to have an Air moto. Rated as one of the best selling portable air pumps on the market. With a long lasting, rechargeable battery and powerful output of up to 120 PSI. This compact smart pump can handle anything (Airmoto Reviews).

It is sleek, compact and functional. It even has a flashlight and power bank built right in. It comes at a special discount of 40% Off and also a 30 Day Money Back Policy to ensure a 100% customer satisfaction. Orders yours below and stop stressing today:


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