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The world has become virtual, both at home and at work, especially after the pandemic struck. The most often used gadgets are cookers, cell phones, laptops, washing machines, microwaves, et cetera. Advanced technology makes things easier and faster. There are bound to be some obstacles and side effects of using such products— the most frequent of which is Electromagnetic Radiation, or EMR. Lights, radio waves, ultraviolet light, X-rays, infrared light, and other sources create EMR. AiresTech devices assist users in avoiding the long-term consequences and impacts of radiation-induced by Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR)

About AiresTech

Lifetune Device, Lifetune Mini or Pet, Lifetune Personal, and Lifetune Room are the four types of AiresTech electromagnetic radiation safety equipment. 

Some of these are designed to protect a specific tool. Others are designed to cover an entire room. Every day, the devices in the environment emit electromagnetic radiation. This radiation has the potential to cause harm. AiresTech works on the nanoscale to protect users from the impacts of electromagnetic radiation. This tool is an award-winning, patented tool that has been thoroughly tested and works on all devices. 

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How does AiresTech operate? 

AiresTech uses nanotechnology to decrease the effects of EMR. Nanotechnology operates on a nanoscale, allowing electromagnetic radiation to operate at minimum ranges of 100,000 nanometers thick. On the nanoscale, the EMR is stopped, resulting in the cessation of all electromagnetic radiation. AiresTech claims to be able to prevent all sorts of electromagnetic radiation by blocking EMR axst the nanoscale. 

How to Make Use of AiresTech 

  • Keep the gadget in a cool, dark, and secure location. 
  • Place the device in a safe location. 
  • Keep pets and pets away. 
  • It can be used with laptops and PCs; the device also works well with monitors and smart televisions, and it is safe to use while driving. The device may be used safely with Wi-Fi networks, baby monitors, and other wireless devices. 

AiresTech Products are available in a variety of devices, each with its own set of features, as follows: 

The Lifetune Device 

The Lifetune Device is AiresTech’s flagship product. This device uses electromagnetic radiation modulation technology for reducing the impact of electromagnetic radiation emitted by data-transmitting circuits. The device reduces the radiation emitted by mobile phones, cordless phones, wireless earpieces, wireless headsets, PCs, laptops, smart TVs, baby monitors, Wi-Fi routers, and other devices. Like other EMR blocking solutions, this gadget attaches to the device directly. When connected to a wireless device, the Lifetune Devices immediately begin to block any detrimental effects of radiation. 

Lifetune Device Specifications

The tool features a shield floor layer made of strong, tough clean resin protecting the gadget from external damage. 

The Aires 16S5G offers the following features: • A microprocessor with 1,419,857 round resonators, resulting in a powerful range of 6.5 feet. 

  • Two resonator antennas with remarkable diversity, which power the chip by utilizing the strength of ambient EMR. 
  • Infrared absorption consumes the microprocessor’s heat emission, protecting the device’s power. 
  • A single-use self-adhesive coating keeps the tool securely attached to any clean floor. One simply has to place the patch against any tool of choice to protect users from the harmful effects of radiation. 

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Lifetune Mini

Lifetune Mini is an electromagnetic radiation modulation instrument to protect humans and pets from electromagnetic radiation released by nearby digital devices. The tool is long-lasting, water-resistant, and built to withstand active humans and pets. 

Lifetune Mini has the following features

  • Two shielding shells made of durable, resilient clean resin defend the instrument from outside harm and make it more long-lasting and water-resistant than other AiresTech electromagnetic radiation security gadgets.
  • Front and back 16S5G microprocessors with 1,419,857 carved round resonators within the topological circuit 
  • Two resonator antennas with the most incredible variety that reinforce the chip by utilizing the enclosed EMR 

Lifetune Personal

Lifetune Personal, an EMR product, has a reasonable price tag. The tool is intended to protect users from the effects of electromagnetic radiation that digital devices release and from electromagnetic pollution, in the same way, that all other AiresTech devices do. Users choosing Lifetune Personal are very interested in this technology. They are shielded from the harmful effects of remote communication devices, everyday electronics, strong lines, cell towers, and electromagnetic pollution. Lifetune Personal was explicitly designed to reduce the effects of electromagnetic radiation on users. Users can wear the gadget around their neck by placing it in the provided pouch. 

Lifetune Personal Advantages 

  • Has more than a few 32 feet 
  • Aires 64p1S5G microprocessors with four 161 carved spherical resonators and a topological circuit, front and rear 
  • Microprocessors’ thermal emission is increasing due to a layer of infrared absorption. 
  • resonator antennas that maximize the front and rear and reinforcing the chip by collecting a fee from the EMR of the environment. 

Lifetune Room 

Lifetune Room is the most powerful object in the AiresTech collection. It shields users from electromagnetic radiation throughout the room. The device is installed in a critical area. It operates continuously and safely to protect people from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation. Some people use the Lifetune Room at home, for example, in living rooms, offices, or other areas with high electromagnetic radiation levels. Others drive to work with the Lifetune Room in their automobiles to protect themselves from EMR. Lifetune Room can also be utilized in play spaces for children, server rooms, boardrooms, and bedrooms. The tool slows electromagnetic radiation results by a 500 square foot area. Inside the AiresTech, the tool is a formidable and contemporary weapon. 

  • Has two Aires 64p1S5G rear that goes via microprocessors and decreases the impacts of electromagnetic radiation. 
  • Thermal emission from microprocessors is transferred via an infrared absorption layer. 
  • Front and back range-maximizing resonator antennas collect fees from the surrounding EMR to enhance the chip over a 49-foot powerful range. 

AiresTech Side Effects 

AiresTech has no adverse side effects. 

Purchase and Cost 

The device is only available for purchase at the Official website at the following prices: 

  • The Lifetune Device costs $72.95, while the Lifetune Mini costs $179.99. 
  • Lifetune Personal costs $249.99. 
  • The Lifetune Room gadget costs $299.95. 

Refund Policy & Money-Back Guarantee 

AiresTech comes with a 30-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. Individuals are entitled to a full refund, excluding original shipping charges, if they do not receive protection against the effects of the product for whatever reason. 


Q: Does the device have any drawbacks? 

A: The goods have been the subject of numerous scientific research studies. There have been no negative consequences reported during this process. However, if customers feel any side effects while using the products, they should stop using them right away. 

A: What is the technology’s efficacy? 

A: Several studies have been carried out to demonstrate the product’s excellent efficacy in mitigating the impacts of electromagnetic radiation. 

Q: How does AiresTech function? 

A: The electromagnetic radiation in the Lifetune product’s resonator antenna is very powerful. The power of the EMF, or electromagnetic field, is drawn into the CPU via the antenna. The microprocessor includes an attenuator, which generates a holographic canceling electromagnetic wave that basically reverses or cancels the original energy wave released by the source of the electromagnetic field. This operates similarly to noise-canceling headphones, providing consumers with the most outstanding sound while eliminating background noise. 

Q: Do AiresTech devices require a power source? 

A: AiresTech devices do not require any external electricity. The gadgets’ electromagnetic fields power the devices in their area. 

Q: What materials are used to make the products? 

A: A Monocrystalline Silicon wafer chip and Printed Circuit Board are utilized. 

Q: How long can Aires products be anticipated to last? 

A: The products are completely non-resistant and will continue to function as long as their physical structures are kept in good condition. 

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  • The device contains three next-generation silicon-based microprocessors that lessen the detrimental effects of electromagnetic radiation in the automobile, home, or office. The product protects consumers from electromagnetic field pollution generated by electronics, power lines, cell towers, and other sources of EMF pollution. 
  • AiresTech has received several awards from the Brussels-Eureka World Salon for Innovations in the categories of Research and Development and Latest Technologies. 
  • This device was created using Nanotechnology and can be kept in the pocket or wallet for convenience. The device is not visible when the user is holding the phone or tablet and does not interfere with the controls. 


  • There are no drawbacks to utilizing the device. 


AiresTech is a technology business that specializes in the development of electromagnetic radiation-blocking gadgets. The AiresTech brand is destined to become one of the industry’s most sought-after leaders. Electromagnetic radiation is mostly emitted by smart TVs, radios, cell phones, laptops, desktop computers, Bluetooth speakers, and other electronic devices. AiresTech’s Lifetune product, for example, blocks the harmful effects of this radiation, allowing consumers to remain healthy. Furthermore, AiresTech products are backed up by peer-reviewed science, proving that they block specific electromagnetic radiation.

To know more about the company, and the Lifetune product lineup, in detail, go to right now.

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