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AirBNB – What you Need to know about Bed Flipping

10XBNB Review

More and more people are turning to Airbnb to make some extra money. There’s no better way to make some extra money and have fun at the same time. But there are some things you need to know before you get started. 

Are you interested in making money by hosting on Airbnb? Even though it isn’t rocket science, learning from the experts can save you from costly mistakes and increase your profits. One of these expert training programs is 10XBNB.

In the 10XBNB course, you will learn how to make money hosting on Airbnb. Using a game-changing method known as “bed flipping,” this course helps new entrepreneurs earn six figures in AirBnB businesses without investing a lot.

The purpose of this review is to reveal the details of the 10XBNB program so that you can decide if you want to sign up.

What can the 10XBNB system teach you?

The 10XBNB system is an easy three-step process to set up passive income through Airbnb that anyone can follow and duplicate. 

The 10XBNB system consists of three parts:

Part 1: Bed-flipping

The first section will teach you how to use other people’s properties to generate revenue through Airbnb.

It works like this:

People are always searching for amazing places to stay during the weekends, whether they travel for work or leisure. Guests are even willing to pay a premium for a comfortable stay.

You could make a killing as a property manager and “host” if you can find a homeowner willing to rent out their place. Bed flipping isn’t a new concept, but the process 10XBNB has established is both great and successful.

Part 2: Retail arbitrage

Next, you’ll learn about retail arbitrage on AirBnB.

With retail arbitrage, you can find a tenant willing to pay more than what you currently pay for your apartment or house.

In essence, it is a risk-free way to invest in real estate. Using 10XBNB will help you maximise profits by doubling, tripling, or even quadrupling them. Additionally, you will learn how to locate and monitor potential tenants and properties. You will also discover how to use a lease agreement and handle complex issues that can arise from tenants, such as late payments or noise complaints.

Part 3: Ownership

If you want to continue making money or have enough capital, this is your next step.

Here, you’ll get to know their exclusive blueprint for buying properties at discount prices. This involves:

  • A systemized approach to pinpointing lucrative AirBnB properties – even if you’re not local to the area.
  • Learn how to use Airbnb and take advantage of amazing rental property deals.

What is 10XBNB and How Does It Work?

By now, you should have a better understanding of how 10XBNB works.

It is up to you to decide which Package is right for you.

There are three main options:

  1. Basic Package: The “do-it-yourself” Package is perfect for those who need little assistance and have some experience with the business model. With this Package, you will gain access to all the necessary resources to succeed.
  2. VIP Package: The “done-with-you” option is more helpful than going the DIY route. With this Package, you’ll also have a team of experts to guide and assist you through every step.
  3. Diamond Package: This Package comes with all of the benefits of other packages, plus it is a complete solution to get all of the advantages without having to do any work.

10xBNB – The Positives

  • You can join without any experience, credit score, or set requirements.
  • You don’t need to have experience in real estate investing. Their training videos and seminars will teach you everything you need to know.
  • 10XBNB offers both comprehensive and useful training. You’ll learn everything from how to find deals and negotiate with homeowners to get past lenders who might not finance your investment properties.
  • The program is also incredibly personalised.
  • The course is known for its unparalleled student support.

The Negatives

  • It is important to save some money before starting your Airbnb business.
  • The Airbnb industry is a competitive one.

How much do the 10XBNB packages cost?

The 10XBNB course is offered in three packages: Diamond, VIP, and Basic.

Each Package has different pricing structure and attributes, so let’s have a look at their price:

  • Diamond Package costs $30,000
  • VIP Package costs $15,000
  • Basic Package costs $7,000

Note: You only have to pay once to join their program, and you will have access forever!

Is Airbnb a successful way of making money?

As the tourism industry continues to grow, so does Airbnb. With a current value of 30 billion dollars and 20% annual growth, it’s safe to say that Airbnb is taking over the tourism market.


Decentralisation allows more people to get involved with Airbnb, creating more profit opportunities.

With more people entering the market, you need an innovative method to ensure you’re not lost in the sea of sameness. The 10XBNB course is perfect for just that.

10XBNB Review – The Conclusion

The 10XBNB system was created by two entrepreneurs who have generated millions of dollars from renting on Airbnb and therefore are experts in the field.

If you’re looking for a way to make money without putting in too much effort or have experience with the real estate industry, give this method a try.

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